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celeb heroines gone wild

In How to be a Princess on May 31, 2007 at 4:37 pm

1. Lindsay gets a DUI, wrecks her car, the cops find coke in her car, then a few days later she’s still partying and looks like ass, then checks herself into rehab, again…she’s 20! i realize the Hollywood drinking age is like 16yrs old, but it is such a horrible example for the youngins…she is behaving like a damn fool, she needs to grow up just a lil bit if she wants to be taken seriously in her career and life and that’s the message i hope the teenies take away.

2. Paris gets a DUI and then disregards her suspended license and is caught violating her probation…so now she has 23 days in jail where she will sit here in “real jail”. the message here is that even when you are Paris Hilton, you can still get in trouble. hopefully the kiddies can disregard what she actually got in trouble for and just skip to the lesson-learning

2. okay Britney has been through a lot, she has set a pretty good example of how to totally lose it (drugs, head-shaving, rehab), and seems to be currently gaining some control and momentum. i was pretty touched by thisletter from Britney to her fans. i mean, i have been through a break up or two i know they are pretty shocking and life-altering and people do different things from self-desturction to cutting people out of their lives, etc. she is forgiven in my book and i would love to see her be someone worth looking up to some day.

the thing is, the young kids look up to these girls SO much! i remember how much i looked up to Janet, but she kept her life so private. the girls today get so much access to these celebs that they can really get deep into their infatuation, only to lead us to the reality that these drug addicted, drunk drivin, party girls are actually role models for these kids. how can you tell a kid that smoking, drinking, and drugs doesn’t make you cool…when the coolest girls from their viewpoint are photographed constantly for this. i’m hoping they have enough big sisters, moms, cousins, aunts, and neighborhood friends who can set a better example for them.

it is also sad because, i definetely blame the media…who feeds our culture, but also feeds off of what our culture is intersted in. face it…we all love looking at pictures of Kate Moss railing lines and Britney looking like a white trash mom with her cig and trailor gear. in my perfect world…the media would leave these girls and their gossip reporting alone and try to feul our kids with some more positive females to look up to. instead they see that the ones fukking up are the hotties getting all the attention.

HOW TO BE AN URBAN PRINCESS: its okay to party and be wild and have fun…believe my i do plenty of it…but if you are being photographed constantly by paparazzi you want to consider the image you set forth for the young mini-princesses and have some dignaty and discretion. moderation, moderation, moderation. and a real princess would have a cheuffer, no DUI neccessary!

listen to this lady…

In How to be a Princess on May 30, 2007 at 4:15 pm

if you are in or want to be in a long term relationship, this lady has essential advice and i couldn’t agree with her more (seriously).

The Perfect Relationship

quick, easy, calorie-ridden, and glorious

In Apartment Cooking on May 30, 2007 at 11:06 am

so easy to make this dish…friends and boys will LOVE IT!!

(i shopped at Trader Joe’s for this, but you could go anywhere and substitute where needed)

Alfredo Pasta w/ Spicy Italian Sausage…with Garlic Bread and a Salad

1. boil fat, flat egg noodles according to package
2. pour can of Alfredo sauce into sauce pan
3. cut up sausage into little round bites and add to sauce pan, simmer on low, covered until pasta is cooked
4. turn on broiler, put pats of butter on each side of sliced french loaf, sprinkle with garlic powder + garlic salt, broil for a minute or two until butter is melted and you’ve reached the desired crunchiness
5. throw some lettuce in a bowl with some dressing and whatever toppings you have/want


In me! me! me! on May 30, 2007 at 10:59 am

i have bounced back! i feel like shyt cuz i’m getting a cold, but my head is back in the game!

yay i’m going to Chicago this weekend, yay yay yay!

boo effin' hoo

In me! me! me! on May 29, 2007 at 7:07 pm

i need a bottle of wine asap ($2-buck-chuck will do nicely, Trader Joe’s if ya don’t know).

i’m soooo depressed today and have NOTHING to be depressed about! luckily for us ladies, its still possible to feel hopeless, lifeless, lonely, and empty even when we know damn well everything is up to par.

and no i didn’t party with Ecstasy this past weekend, its called pms. somehow it has managed to take control over me today. i pity the foo who gets in my way.


1. be really nice, even if it seems to annoy her
2. don’t ever say that her pms is causing any problems
3. if she cries, just hug her and tell her it will be okay
4. this should always be the case, but don’t allude to her being fat or not looking good she already thinks she looks like ass right now
5. don’t disagree with her
6. now is not the time to tease if she’s not into it and laughing with you
7. if you have the ability to make her laugh, do it!
8. its simple! soon it will all be over, and you will have another 25 or so days to be around the female before it happens again


Get Your Money Right 101

In How to be a Princess on May 29, 2007 at 12:09 pm

Kanye has a new song about it, the chorus goes “wait till i get my money right…”

and coincidently, i had just started a spreadsheet called “Get My Money Right”, as i attempt to improve my financial situation and gain some control!


**chart this all on a spreadsheet, and update it monthly
1. determine how much you get per month
2. subtract rent and all bills (if you have credit card bills, just subtract minimums for now)
3. with the amount left, subtract any one-time fees (parking tix, gym membership enrollment, etc)
4. with the remaining amount, you have to figure out how much you will spend per week/month on food and gas. depending on your situation and financial goals, you will be realistic with your grandoise spending habits, or you will be frugal.
5. if you have credit card bill and you’ve realized you need to stop the madness and pay them off…figure out the entirety of your debt and how long it will take you to pay it off if you contribute a certain amount monthly. now–if that is not quick enough for you, then you need to contribute more monthly
6. if you have any left, save some, and spend some…and figure out how to disperse it throughout the month
7. if this situation looks grim for you, its time to get work toward that raise or find a different job!


In Urban Princess Dictionary on May 29, 2007 at 11:43 am

have you heard of college being referred to as a psychosocial moritoriam?

well if you didn’t go to college you probably definitely haven’t, unless you hear me say it. and even then…its not really a word technically…i think its something my psych teacher made up, but it holds a lot of weight.

basically its saying that when you go to college, you are in this weird holding period between childhood and adult life, a break or “moritoriam”. if you go to school in the traditional way, you most likely don’t have a whole lot of responsibility even tho you are made to feel like you do. you move somewhere for a few years that you most likely will not be living in post-graduation.

BUT…one of the greatest benefits of college, other than broadening my random knowledge with a bunch of stuff i mostly don’t remember, (which now can be acheived online anyway)…one of the greatest benefits is the social and psychological learning that takes place. you learn about diversity, career paths, how to live in dorms among 100’s of crazy kids, and how to balance life between school, possibly work, and a LOT of partying! i think those experience are what i have taken away from it…much more than the architect/year/location of 60 catherdrals.

Solution to BBQ Dilemma

In Apartment Cooking, Restaurants You Should Try on May 29, 2007 at 11:25 am

this is a follow up on the post below.

the longer i waited to jump into action, the futher away the cooking option seemed like a good one. ended up driving to Mr. Cecil’s Ribs on the Westside (L.A.). we attemped to go to Phillips, and JR’s which were supposed to be real good too, but Mr. Cecil’s did the trick juuust fine!

between two people we devoured: hot link sandwhich, bbq beef sandwich, hush puppies, coleslaw, and grilled corn on the cob. yum!

meet Tyrone…

In Uncategorized on May 28, 2007 at 4:49 pm

i JUST got a turtle on Saturday i’m sooo excited and i love him…his name is Tyrone, after my hero Tyrone Biggums. he’s soooooo cute and active (he made it half way out of the cardboard travel box from Petco while en route home in my car…luckily his shell got stuck). we’re in it for the long-haul since turtles last like 15-25yrs!

Tyrone Biggums of Chapelle's Show

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In Urban Princess Dictionary on May 28, 2007 at 4:04 pm

people avoid all kinds of major life experiences because they are afraid of failure…looking for new jobs, asking for promotions, making new friends, hollerin at a guy, various forms of excersise, or starting new hobbies.

Three types of people who overcome fear of failure (adopt one!):

1. “I Don’t Care What People Think” – these people will do anything at anytime because they don’t care what people think…they don’t neccessarily think things through and are very uneffected if failure were to occur because they don’t care much about consequences either

2. “I Am the Best at Everything” – folks who think like this usually have that nasty trait called arrogance. this is by far one of the most ugly traits out there, but these people often do find success because of their confident approach to new things

3. “Failing Isn’t the End of the World” – this is the way i think–if you try your best and fail…either you made a mistake along the way, it isn’t your strong point, or there were other factors that may have contributed to the failure.

if you fail–just try again, or take the loss, not a big deal…just keep it movin’! if you don’t try at all, then you are the ultimate loser.