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cutest all-orignal, one-of-a-kind, online shopping experience EVER!

In cool website alert, Cutest ________ EVER! on June 30, 2007 at 3:55 pm

ok first of all, whether you like shopping or not…go to this link and play with the feature on the page. its one of the search tools for this retail website where you can search by color! but look at it! its so creative and fun 🙂
Etsy is AMAZING. i believe Megz pointed me in this direction (thank you!). but its a site where people can buy or sell hand-made creations: jewelry, artwork, accents for your home, etc etc. there is no way i can do it justice with words, you have to go look. prices are reasonable! there are sooo many items, great browsing tools, and new stuff added so often…the “recently listed” section at the bottom updates every 15 seconds!!

here are a few of my favs…you can click the pic to bring up its Etsy page:


In Urban Princess Dictionary on June 30, 2007 at 12:33 pm

my girl and ex-roomie posted a myspace bulletin saying she LOVES court and was all happy about the trial she had. i asked her what happened and here is what she replied.

“haha…i had to take my old roomie to court! he put a frozen package of fish between my mattress & box spring-it was there for over a month and got gross and liquidy. Soaked up into my mattress and ruined….so i took him to small claims- its only $720 but it’ll pay for my mattress! That douchebag… ”

this would ONLY happen to my girl brookie…i was her roommate for a few years, why didn’t i think of that…(j/p, luv u brookie!)

cute and creative proposal…over an iPhone purchase?

In How to be a Princess on June 30, 2007 at 11:39 am

check the URB exclusive video footage from our reporter and writer, Michael Vasquez…he was filming the pre-iPhone hype! Woopie Goldberg cuts in line also lol.

i don’t know how i feel about this proposal. call me old-fashioned, but something about the private, heartfelt, slightly nervous verbal profession of love and commitment from a man to the woman he loves seems like a memory i would want to have. and from the public proposals i’ve seen, there really isn’t much of that…the guy just suddenly gets down on one knee at a weird and shocking time or place, and says “will you marry me?” to me it lacks the romance that i crave. i think the public proposals are cool tho, i like watching them…

yuck…like, at football game on a jumbo-tron, or at the Grammy’s, or after your main speech for your company’s opening launch? just not me. props to the iPhone proposal tho, any display of love and commitment by the man you love is a beautiful thing…to each their own. my girl Lauren got proposed to at the end of a big marathon her and her man ran together (click here to see it on YouTube). and for her its perfect…she loves marathons and this is the first one they trained for and ran together, its a great way to pay tribute to a major passion, what a smart guy.

but on the contrary, i daydream about a private, personal, creative, romantic, luxurious moment…something that i will tell people about, but they weren’t there (and its not on YouTube)…so its kinda our little special moment, we can relish in it privately for as long as we want. so many other major moments in life are so public…graduation, birthdays, marriages, childbirth…that it seems this one moment is something that should be shared between the special couple.

oh–and another thing i dislike are typical, standard, classic looking engagement rings. i like them on others, i like that they like them. but the style of the traditional engagement ring is something that bothered me since i was about 10yrs old. i think its a major reason i wasn’t really into marriage (lol)…but then i laid my eyes on this. sleek, elegant, modern, simple…its low key, yet noticeable. i love it. so now i’m having second thoughts about the whole marriage thing 😉

a ring fit for a princess, by Cartier.


Hello Reader

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see that up in the upper right hand corner where it says “Hello Reader”? yeah…that’s you…i’m talkin to YOU!

have a nice weekend ya’ll 🙂

"Ratatouille" – Starts today, can't wait!

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iPhone or personal trainer…

In Shape Up...or Ship Out! on June 28, 2007 at 5:11 pm

being the mature, smart, non-materialist (::ahem::) 27yr old that i am…i have decided i’m not going to splurge on the iPhone. i’ve heard it has a ton of bugs anyway…(this is just me trying to further justify my decision to myself)

instead, i’m going to invest in a personal trainer at my gym, BodiesInMotion (aka best gym ever). i’m soooooooo excited about this! i figure, hell…i’m in Hollywood. everyone here has personal trainers, so why not try it out. i’m rich, famous, and fabulous too. haha.

so basically i’m going to do this for 30min, 2 times a week after work, for 12 weeks which will take me up thru September. on the alternate days, i’m going hiking at Runyon Canyon. Runyon canyon is gorggggeous i LOVE hiking up there…its up in the hills from Hollywood/Highland. or maybe that’s a mountain. or a canyon i suppose. hm.

inspirations for this include:

– salary increase, so i can actually afford to do this

– my mom is super active these days! we are paying tennis this weekend, she’s influencing me to make my body/health a priority

– my boss moved in next to Jessica Simpon’s personal trainer, Harley Pasternak. he can actually SEE them working out. i thought Jess could use the motivation knowing i’m doing this with her. like Jessica, i’m going to “tone my body while preserving my femininity”…haha, shouldn’t be hard to preserve this femininity! (btw i hope to play paparazzi for you guys again soon…my Jessica Biel shots seemed to go over well, talk about a blog view spike!)

– its summer, i’m excited to get outside get active

– i love trying new things and challenging myself. you may not believe it, but i’m actually a pretty athletic person when i want to be.

wish me luck! my fitness assessment is Sunday.

here’s some pics i took of beautiful Runyon:

cutest trend EVER!

In Cutest ________ EVER! on June 28, 2007 at 4:16 pm

NOT! lol.

a cute scarf or bow attached to a leather bag is cute. a raccoon tail is stupid. its that simple.

i took this photo while at lunch with an URB intern, at Urth Cafe in West Hollywood. she should just attach that tail to the backside of her shorts.

how we do a bbq

In Apartment Cooking on June 28, 2007 at 3:52 pm

this is so perfect! regional bbq/picnic/summer recipes!

go to this link on and then scroll to the bottom. i’m from the Midwest aka “Heartland” and its 100% on point!!

a morning in the life of…

In me! me! me! on June 28, 2007 at 11:36 am

1. i woke up and got into my car to head to Ralph’s (grocery store) immediately after waking up. that was weird of me. i think i still had a pillow crease on my face and my hair looked ridiculous

2. got an Americano from the Coffee Bean in Ralph’s–the guys definitely didn’t pour fresh espresso shots 😦 i also grabbed dryer sheets.

3. was too tired for self-checkout. so i went to checkout. then i got hit on by the bagger. our convo was pretty much like this:

bagger: hey sista i like ya hair

me: huh? (this is the first time i talked that morning, or listened. and i was confused)

bagger: i like your hair its nice

me: thanks (i managed to smile, tho i have to say my hair was like super frizzy and ridiculous)

bagger: are you mixed?

me: yeah

bagger: with what?

me: black & white

bagger: yeah i figured, you can tell…you look good

me: (end conversation by no reply)

so then i paid with my debit card. and i had too much stuff in my hands so i was like, lemme get a cart. then he said no he’d walk me to my car. and i was like, no i want a cart. so then he got me a cart and put my bags in there. then i walked out to my car, well floated really (not floating from happiness, floating like sleepwalking). once i got out there, up comes the bagger who says “you forgot your change” and i took the change and said thank you. and thought to myself, i used an atm card. eh, oh well.

4. so then i’m in line leaving the parking structure and you have to get validated or whatever so there is a line of people to get out. then this guy in front of me gets out of his car and says “sorry, sorry” while holding up his parking ticket and RUNS into Ralph’s to get validated. meanwhile me and 5 other cars are sitting there waiting on him and we can’t move ahead or leave. okay THAT woke me up. he came back and you better believe i was yellin out the window “hurry up, that was rude”…that sucked.

5. so today i’m working from home. i have a LOT to work on some new and major internship programs…gotta focus. so now ima continue that.

have a nice day 🙂

"all mixed up, don't know what to do"

In me! me! me! on June 27, 2007 at 9:49 am

i’m over this one. its so horribly written and i was disinterested in it when i went back to change it. oh well.