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cute and creative proposal…over an iPhone purchase?

In How to be a Princess on June 30, 2007 at 11:39 am

check the URB exclusive video footage from our reporter and writer, Michael Vasquez…he was filming the pre-iPhone hype! Woopie Goldberg cuts in line also lol.

i don’t know how i feel about this proposal. call me old-fashioned, but something about the private, heartfelt, slightly nervous verbal profession of love and commitment from a man to the woman he loves seems like a memory i would want to have. and from the public proposals i’ve seen, there really isn’t much of that…the guy just suddenly gets down on one knee at a weird and shocking time or place, and says “will you marry me?” to me it lacks the romance that i crave. i think the public proposals are cool tho, i like watching them…

yuck…like, at football game on a jumbo-tron, or at the Grammy’s, or after your main speech for your company’s opening launch? just not me. props to the iPhone proposal tho, any display of love and commitment by the man you love is a beautiful thing…to each their own. my girl Lauren got proposed to at the end of a big marathon her and her man ran together (click here to see it on YouTube). and for her its perfect…she loves marathons and this is the first one they trained for and ran together, its a great way to pay tribute to a major passion, what a smart guy.

but on the contrary, i daydream about a private, personal, creative, romantic, luxurious moment…something that i will tell people about, but they weren’t there (and its not on YouTube)…so its kinda our little special moment, we can relish in it privately for as long as we want. so many other major moments in life are so public…graduation, birthdays, marriages, childbirth…that it seems this one moment is something that should be shared between the special couple.

oh–and another thing i dislike are typical, standard, classic looking engagement rings. i like them on others, i like that they like them. but the style of the traditional engagement ring is something that bothered me since i was about 10yrs old. i think its a major reason i wasn’t really into marriage (lol)…but then i laid my eyes on this. sleek, elegant, modern, simple…its low key, yet noticeable. i love it. so now i’m having second thoughts about the whole marriage thing 😉

a ring fit for a princess, by Cartier.


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