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cutest all-orignal, one-of-a-kind, online shopping experience EVER!

In cool website alert, Cutest ________ EVER! on June 30, 2007 at 3:55 pm

ok first of all, whether you like shopping or not…go to this link and play with the feature on the page. its one of the search tools for this retail website where you can search by color! but look at it! its so creative and fun 🙂
Etsy is AMAZING. i believe Megz pointed me in this direction (thank you!). but its a site where people can buy or sell hand-made creations: jewelry, artwork, accents for your home, etc etc. there is no way i can do it justice with words, you have to go look. prices are reasonable! there are sooo many items, great browsing tools, and new stuff added so often…the “recently listed” section at the bottom updates every 15 seconds!!

here are a few of my favs…you can click the pic to bring up its Etsy page:

  1. so weird! I was just on etsy.. ha! best site ever to get hooked on..

  2. I know etsy – but I need to look at it more. an old HS friend sells stuff on there, but her stuff isn’t my fave (heh) so I need to expand my search. earrings, give me MORE EARRINGS!!!

  3. yeah man etsy is the shyt!!!

    megz–you always know about the good internet shyt, i want more secrets!

    and melissa…you should SEE these earrings on there i’m about to buy…you just wait…

  4. i guess its time for one more secret to be exposed..

    another treasure, love this site!

  5. aww MAN! i have found like 15 things on the first page alone. u rock!

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