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for me…vulnerability is when you allow someone to see beyond your hard exterior shell…and into the soft, meaty, easily prodded part underneathe.

i have learned a lot on this subject recently, as i have opened up to friends and ex-coworkers.

some people are so closed up in every area that only (lots of) time and trust will let you get in deeper, and you may never get there. others let it all hang out for others to see, but may still be hiding things. some people have come to terms with their vulnerable areas.

for me…i think i am very vulnerable in love and relationships, but tend to be more closed off to two areas: friendships, workplace

i have learned that with friends, especially girlfriends, it’s okay to appear as if i don’t have it all together. being strong and confident only runs so far…because there are many areas i’m still learning in. whether it’s in my lovelife, careerlife, or just life…it’s okay to admit my fears and faults…its makes me appear to be human and will help others relate to me. i love to give out advice, but i have learned that by opening up to people…they have a lot of wonderful advice to give as well and it’s really helped me to learn about myself. it’s a two-way street, and as i grow older…i realize how important sisterly girlfriendship really are. from the older and wiser to the younger and just damn wise…it’s good for the heart and soul.

i’m not going to go into this on a public blog because i can’t really do so with out getting into the nitty-gritty, and i’ve heard of people being fired because of content they blog about, so i will digress.

i will say this tho. i have learned to make sure coworkers know when i go to bat for the team, instead of just kinda leaving them out of the entire conversation after they have brought it up to me…whether any change takes place or not. i am a woman of the people for sure. sometimes my empathy for human well-being is a fault in a corporate environment, but it’s a trait i never want to lose and was shocked to realized it doesn’t come accross to people at all in the workplace. at the suggestion of an ex-coworker, i’ve started to follow thru with people when i step up with their voice in mind. and the results have been really positive for all parties 🙂

also, it’s been brought to my attention…once in a very mean unhelpful bitter way, and again in a very kind helpful supportive way, that i have obtained a sort of an “ice queen” personality at work. well let me tell you, going thru a break-up while working with (and managing) the person you are breaking up with, is probably one of the top 2 hardest things i’ve ever been thru…possibly even the hardest ever. i definitley closed up on everyone, and wanted everything close to me in my life at that time to be as far away as possible. i didn’t want anyone’s nose in my personal life, i felt misunderstood but wasn’t emotionally ready to make or let anyone understand. now that i have been able to take a deep breath and get my space…i’m trying to let my bright, private-life colors shine thru while i’m in the workplace. it’s a challenge daily. i definitely still feel very pastel.

and the rest of the stuff i can’t get into because i need to pay rent next month, and that kinda public talk isn’t my style 😉

point is…let people in sometimes, you may be shocked to find out how much it can end up benefitting you, the other person, and the situation.

even this post right here was a biggie for me, months and even weeks ago…i never would have wrote this.

27yrs old…and still learning by the hour…

beyonce is scared.

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so Melissa informed me that Beyonce made YouTube pull every single video of her falling on her face during her concert. she is obviously scared what the rest of the public will think of this accident. it would show she is human and does normal things like trip and fall on your face when your on stage in front of millions of people bucking around and whipping your weave like a headbanger.

hopefully you saw it already…cuz the vid i had previously posted no longer plays!

i think it would have been more admirable to leave it up…kinda a bitch-move if ya ask me.

spa & resort for kitties?

In How to be a Princess on July 29, 2007 at 9:20 pm

yes, believe it. there is one in Pasadena, CA and they are about to open one in L.A. it’s called Best Little Cat House. as if there is a rivaling spa & resort for kitties. the service is used by people who go out of town and want to make sure their kittie is taken care of.

there are a few different playrooms, a sunroom, a VIP (very important pussycat) room where cats that are used to sleeping in bedrooms with humans can sleep with the human who works there in their room…at the Best Little Cat House. apparently the cats all get along…even tho most owners would feel they would not. but they do have private rooms available as well. they also offer spa services for your precious.

this seems more common for dogs…but cats? i have to say, if i had a cat and was going out of town…i would consider this service…it’s not outrageously priced…and we all know how much people like to pamper their pets.

oh yeah–they have rotating webcams in every room, so you can go to their website, find your kittie, and check up on it.

lol. only in L.A.!

tiki party

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1. tiki decorated 1mill bev hill home? check.
2. full bar, tiki decorated, ran by self proclaimed fruit making fruity drinks and shots? check.
3. being hit on, but not…cuz they’re gay? check.
4. noting to self to find out age range of party b4 dressing to make sure to fit in? check.
5. being youngest ppl there? check.
6. feeling hater vibes from older milf women? check.
7. smoke machine? check.
8. interlude around 10:00pm of hoola-hooping pro and fire dancing diva with two congo professionals playing that gig b4 their gig at TheHighlands? check.
9. rianna cd bumping throughout the house in the tiny build in speaker including speaker rocks outdoors? check.
10. tea room? check.
11. guests hoola hooping, including NF? check.
12. inspiration to make money and have a dope party-ready pad? check.
13. black man trying to steal the show as “chocolate thunder” all night? check.
14. satisfied with something different for once, and about to hit they hay after being satisfied? check.

tyrone's jungle-gym

In Uncategorized on July 28, 2007 at 8:21 pm

tyron has turned his floating sunning log into his very own jungle-gym to play on. cute! (hope he doesn’t do it when it’s my sleepy time tho)

weekend time!

In me! me! me! on July 28, 2007 at 8:17 pm

going to a tiki houseparty tonight! found a dress for upcoming wedding while shopping today…woo hoo! last night was some DELICIOUS authentic Korean BBQ at Soot Bull Jeep…it was sooo fun and yummers, highly recommended. then to Frank N Hanks the best dive bar ever.

ahhhh relaxation and fun, lovin it!

flavored water coming out of a faucet is weird.

In new news on July 28, 2007 at 2:56 pm

but i’m sure, given how popular flavored water is these days, that people will purchase the water purifiers with the flavored water cartridge. something about that just doesn’t seem right to me. but who am i to judge?

Ass Kicking #4

In Shape Up...or Ship Out! on July 25, 2007 at 1:02 pm

i’ve convinced myself i’m not capable of following a consistant workout routine without a personal trainer. i’m speaking from experience here. i really do workout now 4-5 days a week! a huge increase from 0-1 haha.

i’m not losing much weight really yet…well a few pounds…but definitely am noticing the differences in shape. everything is tightening up, yipee! i’m also eating much much better. well okay, yesterday i went to Sizzler and had a hard time resisting the clam chowder…but in general i think i get a A- in the nutrition department.

i have also upped my water intake to the recommended dosage and that’s going extremely well. i feel good all day and on this weird little water-high. yes a water-high. but it’s a little frustrating at times because the water pushes out impurities from your pores…this means blemishes people! ugh. i gotta keep a close watch cuz i’ll be doin good, then look a few hours later and have little mini (very poppable without much drama) blemishes. i call them “blemishes” because it sounds so much more beautiful than “zits” or “pimples”…don’t ya think?

in other health news, i have abrubtly reduced my booze intake. i’m not going to go into how much booze i was in-taking…but it was more than enough, more often than appropriate. so that’s come to a hault. i’m even considering stopping altogether for awhile. woah woah woah…okay i dunno if i wanna go that far haha. if i do, i’m not gonna talk about it, i’ll just do it. and plus…i know there is a tiki-houseparty at a phatty this weekend, and i will probably want to throw (more than) a few back at if i do end up there. i think saving drinking for moments like those instead of moments like dinner and a movie at my apt on a Tuesday night might be a good plan to start with 😉

is there ANYONE out there who reads this who makes working out a part of their daily routine? if so…much respect to you, i just cannot seem to do this on my own! i bet if i had a home-gym i would be able to make it happen…

haha. beyonce falls on her face.

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this makes me happy…is that bad?

hey gossips!

In How to be a Princess on July 24, 2007 at 2:34 pm

gossiping is a fact of life, everyone does it. and it can be quite harmless…passing on harmless info from one person to the next. it’s a bonding agent if done the right way. to figure out the right way, you have to look on the effect it will have on the person who told you, and the effect it will have on the person you are telling. and also ask yourself if you are cool with all this coming right back at you.

but please, if you are talking to ME…adhere to the following rules:

1. if you are saying “don’t tell anyone i told you” or “i shouldn’t tell you this”…then don’t tell me! i’d rather not know or be put in that position to then have to “not tell anyone else”. if you start your gossip off like that, you are probably being unloyal to a friend…not cool. makes me lose respect for you. the exception here is if the person is totally unconnected to me and i have no contact with that circle of friends, then talk away…let those secrets off your chest 😉

2. i have been VERY known to keep a secret. if you seriously don’t want anyone else to know they won’t. unlike most people, there are certain things i won’t even tell a significant other.

3. don’t tell me gossip you know will hurt me…why would you do that!

this brings me to my HUGEST gripe of gossipers, which i’ve come across since i first started having friends who could talk. the hurtful gossiper. the people who tell you something that someone said about you, or did, that they know DAMN well will make you feel less than great. skip it! i don’t wanna know the shyt that our friend Sally talks about me. i don’t wanna know that both Joe and John were laughing at me behind my back after i walked away. and lastly, i don’t wanna know that Hilda at work thinks i’m a bitch or my project ideas are wack.

this is NOT NOT NOT good friendship. people like this come across looking very insecure…this is the same type of thing as putting others down just to feel good or to bring them to your level. but they are covering it up by saying that someone else said this or that. and they might have. but ask yourself…is it really detrimental that this person knows what the other has to say about them? my guess is their life will go on just fine without knowing. or better yet–why don’t you tell the shyt-talking friend to confront me with their problem instead of being the little messenger.

point is, a good friend doesn’t wanna bring another friend down. if you have constructive criticism or advice, offer it like that. don’t put one person against the other with HeSaid/SheSaid that the person can’t repeat anyway.

as for me…you’re not gonna bring me down, but any attempts at this are annoying as hell and make me not wanna hang or talk to these types of people. and just so you know, i always clear things up by going straight to the source. so if you are repeating something someone said about me…that person will be hearing from me. think about that next time.

(i’m in a good mood, i promise).