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"Getting in Shape"

In Urban Princess Dictionary on July 3, 2007 at 12:19 pm

my definition of getting in shape is NOT attempting to be skinny ass Hollywood chick. eff that! not only does it seem like a miserable existance filled with low self-esteem, and obsessive tendencies, but it’s just not me! and i’m not jealous…i actually really enjoy my big boobies and booty.

my definition of getting in shape means acheiving the best version of my body in a way i can actually maintain (healthily). it means keeping these extreme curves. it means toning and tightening…not eliminating.
so don’t worry–i’m not trying to “get skinny” i’m going for health and long term success. surely i will lose weight in this process, but my focus is more on the things my trainer measures such as body fat, resting heartrate, active heartrate, and strength.

DISCLAIMER: if you are a naturally thin girl, i’m not talking shyt. thin is beautiful too in a different way. point is, be healthy…don’t try to be something you’re not. don’t tarnish your mind & soul for your body…they are all equally as important.

quote that inspires me: “Where I come from, we’d push girls like Beyonce down the stairs to get to a female like Jennifer Hudson!” – Chris Rock, US Weekly

if you don’t know, Beyonce is a superstar singing and acting sensation. and Jennifer Hudson is a more sensational singer and actor! here are pix of them for your reference:

  1. I love what you just said about naturally thin girls – I have girlfriends who are totally thinner than I am but not because they starve themselves or dumb shit like that, you know? everyone is different. I have to work to keep my body how I would like it (which it, um, definitely isn’t right now) but there are things about myself that are unique and that I love (BOOBS!) that I’m grateful for. and I can honestly say that the older I get the more it has become about keeping my body fit for *health* rather than for looks.

    ANYWAY… go for it, get in shape and feel your best!!

  2. do u work out a lot melissa? you do seem in quite good shape, definitely!

  3. I used to. šŸ˜¦ I’ve actually gained 20 pounds back in the last two years sitting around drinking and smoking. I’m having a hard time turning it around again.

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