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mom vs. kid…game on!

In Shape Up...or Ship Out! on July 3, 2007 at 11:50 am

on Saturday, i played tennis with my mom up in Ventura! my mom is extremely active these days. she does tennis lessons, yoga (on the beach, ::lucky::), rides her bike, and even tried fencing! its very inspiring. i used to play tennis on our highschool Varsity team and took a lot of lessons and stuff.

we had SO MUCH FUN!!!! we are actually pretty evenly matched, and altho we are both very competative, that kinda fades away since we are mother/daughter…it was perfect!

i was happy to see that after 10yrs, i can still pull off that speedy, powerful, barely above the net, shot…its deadly! my serve isn’t bad either.

but. trying to run sideways into a backhand that i would have once been able to get, but couldn’t the other day, when i’m totally not in tennis-shape…bad idea. i twisted my ankle a bit but it’s better now.


  1. We were smokin’ weren’t we honey? šŸ™‚

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