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How to Seduce a Hot Woman in 30min or Less

In Uncategorized on July 8, 2007 at 6:12 pm

check out how, right here.

personally, i cannot imagine going over to a guy’s place for a first date when i met that guy on the street. my momma taught me better than that!

but generally speaking, i have to agree…this is the best shot an average, nice guy has in this short amount of time.


  1. this was my favorite part:

    Walk up to a woman you’re attracted too and say “You’re really pretty and you look like a nice person… and, well, this is kind of random… but would you mind going on a date sometime?”

    only because once in a while a single guy friend of mine will ask me how to approach a woman at a bar (like at a dnb show, not a hoochy bar) or someone I introduce them to… and I’m like, dude, be sweet and don’t try a stupid pickup line. this one was dead on!

  2. yeah its like, just say hi and start talking and if you guys click she prolly thinks your cute, then ask her out. DUHHHH 😛

  3. yeah that’s my most common response… “just *talk* to her. you know, like a person?” dur.

  4. ……that article sounds like it should have been in Maxim or Mens Fitness, lol. I kinda like the approach of ” daym your hot, lets fuck!”….maybe thats why Im single?lol, but nah a simple hello and ice-breaker can go a loooooooooong way!

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