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i love it when a man…

In How to be a Princess on July 17, 2007 at 11:27 am

is a chivalrous gentlmen.

this morning, there was an older, sharply dressed, brief-case carrying man who got out of his Benz when i got out of my car. he beat me to the parking structure elevator doors, and held both the door and the eleveator door open for me. we rode up to the 5th floor in he packed elevator. as we landed on our floor, we both said excuse me, and as i went to squeeze past the people who barely moved in front of me to get out the elevator door, i notice the man was again holding the elevator and said “after you.”

man…i LOVE THAT. love it, love it, LOVE IT!

i really do get that a lot, and i hope a lot of ladies do. and to the MEN…do you do this? if not, why not? i would love to know!

i think its so polite and wonderful, it makes me feel like a princess…and makes me have so much respect for the men. their momma obviously raised them right, my dad#2 is very gentlmenly and he always holds the door for me and opens my cardoor to let me in the passenger side, i love it!!!

keep up the good work, chivalrous men. and for those of you who don’t do these things…you are definitely slackin compared to the guys who do. cuz it’s not just older men who do these things…young, smart men do it too.

  1. wholeheartedly agreed!

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