It might be a lot like yours (or not at all)

depression, nausea, YAZ

In Uncategorized on July 24, 2007 at 8:27 am

as far as the way i’m feeling. well it’s complicated. basically, with what i thought was the greatest birth control ever, Orthotrycycline Low, i was dealing with some MAJOR pms depression. like major. within the two weeks prior to AuntRed, i was so depressed that it was effecting work and my relationships…hardcore. totally unacceptable and very out of character.

so my pharmacist…yes i actually have a pharmacist who seems to care about me, so when he asked how my b.c. was i told him the problem. he said to try YAZ and that it’s newer and helps with that exact problem. so i paid a visit to Doc and got some Yaz. the name itself is bizarre, but whatever.

so basically, i’ve had to start the pack of Yaz instead of the last placebo week when AuntRed stops by.

so last week, the normal depressed, severely bitchy attitude started to set in. then Sunday night i zapped it with a jolt of different hormones. basically with the Ortho, they do one week of a certain kind of hormone combo, then two weeks another, then the last week placebo (aka nothing). Yaz is 3.5 weeks all the same, 4days placebo. and it is KNOWN to treat this exact birthcontrol-depression problem, AND clear up skin. i think it’s expensive, but Otho wasn’t covered by my insurance anyway, so it can’t be that bad.

so i’m as happy and ambitious as ever…but very very very very nauseous, well not so bad today. but it was so bad yesterday i had to stay home…at first i thought i had flu or ate something bad, but then mid-afternoon i realized the problem. kinda shocking my system right now.

ahh the joys of being a female and being the sex with the only non-condom-type way to prevent pregnancy.

i have been on this shyt since i was like 17! that’s 10 years! i’ve prolly got so many hormones in me pregnancy is no longer even possible lol. that would actually not be funny at all.

wish me luck, skip-to-my-loo!

  1. being nauseous… so sorry, sweetie. šŸ˜¦ though I suppose major depression is worse – and yes, not like you at all. I’ve been through many different kinds and it sucks that they all seem to have a “negative.” I do hope you improve soon. *projecting hug to you*

    and I’ve been on the pill for 15 years now. I also worry about not being able to get pregnant, but people say that won’t happen.

  2. yeah girl!!! i think a little upset tummy is better than depression. it definitely shocked me and scared me…i’m happy i did something about it once i noticed the pattern.

    i’m REALLY happy to hear that you have been on it longer than me (lol) and that you have heard it doesn’t effect preganancy…wouldn’t that be the hugest fukt up situation ever! “we prevented you for 12 years…and in turn, now you can never get prego muahhaah” whew, whatta relief.

  3. ooh…how much is yaz? im taking yasmin and it costs me $20. im not sure if that’s expensive or cheap…

  4. I have been on yaz and it has made me severly depressed. I call my boyfriend crying everynight. I am thinging about swiching back to my old bc

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