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i thought things had calmed down…

In new news on July 24, 2007 at 10:27 am

but no. i know lindsay lohan’s “i have a sober-ankle-braclet-thingy” on thing was going to be short lived. i figured she just pulled that sucker off while she partied anyway.

basically, this stupid bitch drank a shitload of liquor, did a buncha coke, then her Personal Assistant quit on her (gee, wonder why)…then the ex-P.A.’s mom came to pick up her daughter and her daughters things, and then psycho-Lohan raced after her in a car chase, while fukt up, until she crashed her Mercedes on Sunset Blvd and got arrested.

and to think, i was going to have an update on how white-trash-mom Britney Spears is…Lindsay definitely stole the show…for now…muahahah.

there is no way i will be able to take Britney’s new video, or Lindsay’s new movie seriously.

here is a pic of Lohan, with writing from Perez:

  1. you read perez? *crying* I hate that guy. you should read it rules! 😛 rocks too cause she has a lot of inside knowledge and sources.

    yeah, this sucks but, I will admit it. I still hold out hope for this idiot. I am an eternal optimist.

  2. i don’t actually read Perez. but a coworker had pointed me in that direction. i read PITNB.

    however– rules because it uses the phrase “Blohan”

  3. I so loved Lindsey in “Parent Trap” and had predicted a bright future for this young actress, but now I am so distressed that she has taken up a life of ugly dependency from which there is no easy escape.

    And… Mrs. Lohan, what is with this partying with your twenty one year old daughter.. get your own life and show your daughter an example of an adult…living like an adult… behaving in public like an adult…

    Unlike the overly hyped mouseketeer, Brittany Spears and Jessica I cleaned up my achne so now what do I do Simpson, Lindsey actually has talent.

    Lindsey needs a spiritual epipheny, and her mom needs a life.

  4. yesss! she really is screwing things up, it’s so sad…to get into that kinda trouble at sucha young age is horrible! doesn’t sound like she ever really learned that partying has “bad” side effects! (like addiction and jail!)

  5. everytime i see her picture, i want to punch her in the face.

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