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Ass Kicking #4

In Shape Up...or Ship Out! on July 25, 2007 at 1:02 pm

i’ve convinced myself i’m not capable of following a consistant workout routine without a personal trainer. i’m speaking from experience here. i really do workout now 4-5 days a week! a huge increase from 0-1 haha.

i’m not losing much weight really yet…well a few pounds…but definitely am noticing the differences in shape. everything is tightening up, yipee! i’m also eating much much better. well okay, yesterday i went to Sizzler and had a hard time resisting the clam chowder…but in general i think i get a A- in the nutrition department.

i have also upped my water intake to the recommended dosage and that’s going extremely well. i feel good all day and on this weird little water-high. yes a water-high. but it’s a little frustrating at times because the water pushes out impurities from your pores…this means blemishes people! ugh. i gotta keep a close watch cuz i’ll be doin good, then look a few hours later and have little mini (very poppable without much drama) blemishes. i call them “blemishes” because it sounds so much more beautiful than “zits” or “pimples”…don’t ya think?

in other health news, i have abrubtly reduced my booze intake. i’m not going to go into how much booze i was in-taking…but it was more than enough, more often than appropriate. so that’s come to a hault. i’m even considering stopping altogether for awhile. woah woah woah…okay i dunno if i wanna go that far haha. if i do, i’m not gonna talk about it, i’ll just do it. and plus…i know there is a tiki-houseparty at a phatty this weekend, and i will probably want to throw (more than) a few back at if i do end up there. i think saving drinking for moments like those instead of moments like dinner and a movie at my apt on a Tuesday night might be a good plan to start with 😉

is there ANYONE out there who reads this who makes working out a part of their daily routine? if so…much respect to you, i just cannot seem to do this on my own! i bet if i had a home-gym i would be able to make it happen…

  1. I more than hear you on the alcohol intake. and to be honest, it makes me feel a bit relieved to know that I am not alone in my habits. 🙂 at least we’re happy drunks! 😛

    and good for you on the water/nutrition/exercise, keep it up, you’re inspiring me! I drink a TON of water, but I need to get back to working out, no doubt. I have a very hard time making it a part of daily routine.

  2. I started a workout challenge on Memorial Day weekend. Don’t have a home gym but live within walking distance to a rec center that has a gym.

    Keep it up. At first I didn’t see the weight drop off either, but now the pounds have started to drop.

    Good luck!

  3. loseby93, are you still doing the challenge! is it with just yourself, or others? yeah…it’s like i can tell things are def changing so i’m going to stop looking at the scale so i don’t disappoint myself 🙂

    melissa, okay i think have been able to get the drinking back to the weekends-only, or weekends-mostly type thing. and yeah…honestly as busy as i feel having to go to the gym after work for 4 days of the workweek, i see why it was so easy for me to make excuses not to do this. it is definitely a committment…i’m sure it’s hard for you if your honey is at home too!

  4. Hey UP!

    Yeah, still doing the challenge! It’s with me and a buddy. We actually extended it by 3 weeks (his suggestion) since I took 3 weeks off to recover from surgery.

    Exercise is crucial…cardio and whatnot…but Pilates has been a huge help as well! Done correctly, Pilates will kick your butt while you are doing it, but I love it and I LOVE the results! Eating healthy as well…but I do leave room for alcohol 🙂

    Today…for the first time in my life…was able to fit into some T’s from Urban Outfitters. It was a beyond cool moment! Another cool moment was flying home 2 weeks ago for a fam reunion and hearing my Dad say “Hey Skinny” as I walked in the door.

    Am down about 15 #, several sizes, I feel great and I can totally tell the difference in how I look and feel.

    Don’t give up, ok??

  5. hey girl! i’m so happy to hear about your successes!

    i think that by FAR one of the most rewarding aspects of getting fit, is when you get to go shopping and you find all kinds of cute stuff that actually fits well.

    i love pilates too actually…but i haven’t been doing it so much lately. it actually really trims you up, huh? you wouldn’t think so but it does.

    thanks for encouragement…after a LONG week and being in the office Friday till 8pm, i stopped for mexican food and it was definitely not the healthiest meal. i will be sure that today is much better 🙂

    take care, drop by again soon and lemme know how you’re doin!

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