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spa & resort for kitties?

In How to be a Princess on July 29, 2007 at 9:20 pm

yes, believe it. there is one in Pasadena, CA and they are about to open one in L.A. it’s called Best Little Cat House. as if there is a rivaling spa & resort for kitties. the service is used by people who go out of town and want to make sure their kittie is taken care of.

there are a few different playrooms, a sunroom, a VIP (very important pussycat) room where cats that are used to sleeping in bedrooms with humans can sleep with the human who works there in their room…at the Best Little Cat House. apparently the cats all get along…even tho most owners would feel they would not. but they do have private rooms available as well. they also offer spa services for your precious.

this seems more common for dogs…but cats? i have to say, if i had a cat and was going out of town…i would consider this service…it’s not outrageously priced…and we all know how much people like to pamper their pets.

oh yeah–they have rotating webcams in every room, so you can go to their website, find your kittie, and check up on it.

lol. only in L.A.!

  1. I think of my cats like my children but I’m sorry, I just don’t think I would pay for such a thing LOL.

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