It might be a lot like yours (or not at all)

tiki party

In How to be a Princess on July 29, 2007 at 2:07 am

1. tiki decorated 1mill bev hill home? check.
2. full bar, tiki decorated, ran by self proclaimed fruit making fruity drinks and shots? check.
3. being hit on, but not…cuz they’re gay? check.
4. noting to self to find out age range of party b4 dressing to make sure to fit in? check.
5. being youngest ppl there? check.
6. feeling hater vibes from older milf women? check.
7. smoke machine? check.
8. interlude around 10:00pm of hoola-hooping pro and fire dancing diva with two congo professionals playing that gig b4 their gig at TheHighlands? check.
9. rianna cd bumping throughout the house in the tiny build in speaker including speaker rocks outdoors? check.
10. tea room? check.
11. guests hoola hooping, including NF? check.
12. inspiration to make money and have a dope party-ready pad? check.
13. black man trying to steal the show as “chocolate thunder” all night? check.
14. satisfied with something different for once, and about to hit they hay after being satisfied? check.

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