It might be a lot like yours (or not at all)


In How to be a Princess, Urban Princess Dictionary on July 31, 2007 at 6:53 pm

for me…vulnerability is when you allow someone to see beyond your hard exterior shell…and into the soft, meaty, easily prodded part underneathe.

i have learned a lot on this subject recently, as i have opened up to friends and ex-coworkers.

some people are so closed up in every area that only (lots of) time and trust will let you get in deeper, and you may never get there. others let it all hang out for others to see, but may still be hiding things. some people have come to terms with their vulnerable areas.

for me…i think i am very vulnerable in love and relationships, but tend to be more closed off to two areas: friendships, workplace

i have learned that with friends, especially girlfriends, it’s okay to appear as if i don’t have it all together. being strong and confident only runs so far…because there are many areas i’m still learning in. whether it’s in my lovelife, careerlife, or just life…it’s okay to admit my fears and faults…its makes me appear to be human and will help others relate to me. i love to give out advice, but i have learned that by opening up to people…they have a lot of wonderful advice to give as well and it’s really helped me to learn about myself. it’s a two-way street, and as i grow older…i realize how important sisterly girlfriendship really are. from the older and wiser to the younger and just damn wise…it’s good for the heart and soul.

i’m not going to go into this on a public blog because i can’t really do so with out getting into the nitty-gritty, and i’ve heard of people being fired because of content they blog about, so i will digress.

i will say this tho. i have learned to make sure coworkers know when i go to bat for the team, instead of just kinda leaving them out of the entire conversation after they have brought it up to me…whether any change takes place or not. i am a woman of the people for sure. sometimes my empathy for human well-being is a fault in a corporate environment, but it’s a trait i never want to lose and was shocked to realized it doesn’t come accross to people at all in the workplace. at the suggestion of an ex-coworker, i’ve started to follow thru with people when i step up with their voice in mind. and the results have been really positive for all parties πŸ™‚

also, it’s been brought to my attention…once in a very mean unhelpful bitter way, and again in a very kind helpful supportive way, that i have obtained a sort of an “ice queen” personality at work. well let me tell you, going thru a break-up while working with (and managing) the person you are breaking up with, is probably one of the top 2 hardest things i’ve ever been thru…possibly even the hardest ever. i definitley closed up on everyone, and wanted everything close to me in my life at that time to be as far away as possible. i didn’t want anyone’s nose in my personal life, i felt misunderstood but wasn’t emotionally ready to make or let anyone understand. now that i have been able to take a deep breath and get my space…i’m trying to let my bright, private-life colors shine thru while i’m in the workplace. it’s a challenge daily. i definitely still feel very pastel.

and the rest of the stuff i can’t get into because i need to pay rent next month, and that kinda public talk isn’t my style πŸ˜‰

point is…let people in sometimes, you may be shocked to find out how much it can end up benefitting you, the other person, and the situation.

even this post right here was a biggie for me, months and even weeks ago…i never would have wrote this.

27yrs old…and still learning by the hour…

  1. Feeling very pastel…that is so cool..the mind of a true writer…

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