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GRR :(

In me! me! me! on August 30, 2007 at 12:03 pm

so this morning, i will admit…i was flustered. i STILL haven’t been feeling well (better so far today tho!) and was coerced into making a DR appointment, and further convinced after reading some WebMD on my “condition”.

and you know how that goes, you start reading, then you think you have the WORST of all possible diagnosis that apply to how you feel. truth be told, i got an encyclopedia set when i was a pre-teen, and it also had an Atlas and a Med Book. well my mom literally HID the Medical Book from me because i kept getting all worried thinking i had this or that. thank god she did that because being a hypocondriach for real doesn’t seem like any fun. so now i just have a mild case that only comes up when something really is wrong and i start exploring WebMD, and at least am self-aware.

so in addition to that. i’m tired man! TI-ERD. i’m still goin…but i’m gettin old man. i’m just gonna plunge thru. if Angelina Jolie can do it, so can i. i remember back in the day, i could party like i did that wedding day night after night after night after night after night after night after night after night after night after night after night and so on. okay maybe that is part of the problem now haha. take notes youngins! hehe.

anyway. so i’m getting ready, i’m annoyed cuz i’m unsure of what to eat…i needed to mix it up from a sandwich just to throw off my tummy troubles. i was gonna have soup. then i realized it wasn’t the easy microwavable kind and it didn’t have a pop top and i couldn’t find a proper bowl within a 2-second hunt, so i ditched that plan.

so piled on top of this. it’s hot as HELL in my apt. like so so so so so so so hot. i mean it’s hot period in L.A., this is the hot time when summer is almost over, yet it’s hotter than it’s been all summer. so i’m basically sweating on my way out to my car and just annoyed…but trying to be positive.

apparently my coping mechanism for all this was turning off my brain, in an attempt to think positively. or think of nothing. so i backed out of my parking spot and into the spot i back into when the car is not there in order to pull out easier, without an 8-point turn. i have this down to a science, the perfect angle, perfect gas and break, perfect physics.

well not today. i SCRAPED the side above my back tire on the pole in the carport. and i almost was in disbelief like, i can’t really be touching that. UGH. so i continued on my way and then checked it out…totally a scratch. pretty surface tho…no dent.

i started the touch-up process immedietely, this morning, in the parking garage of my work. i’m optomistic, and really happy there is no dent. it’s alreayd looking much better. after a few more coats it will be like new. not new. but like new.

after all this, i have surcummed to positive thinking in attempt to bring on the positive law of attraction. my day WILL get better. everything WILL be okay. my car WILL still look super cute and my scrape will be unnoticable soon. gotta stay strong.

ain't no bizness like IKEA bizness

In beauty and the biz, cool website alert, Cutest ________ EVER! on August 30, 2007 at 11:18 am

it was clearer than ever, to NF and i as we dreamed up many a well-(and cheaply)-decorated configuaration, that IKEA freakin rocks. this is no secret discovery, but i’m just puttin it out there. it was like an amusment park for adults. we sat on couches (okay i did), fake cooked in their beautiful kitchens (okay i did), and fake nookied on the beds (we didn’t do that).

NF loaded up on a lot of great stuff to finish off decorating the main area of his apt.

i got:

1. dormat
2. new kitchen towels
3. ice cream scoop for $0.10 (clearance)
4. a flower vase (i’m going to start pronouncing these things as “vazz” from there on out)
5. three sets of coordinating art cards and glass clip frames that ROCK!!! one set for my hallway (safari animals), one set for my bathroom (rubber ducky portraits) and one set for my kitchen (artistically photographed veggies)
6. a little side table for my laptop that i can use to work in my chair! photo below…i love this thing.

i moved my restored vintage magazine rack to a less visable area to simplify that corner. i’m currently into simplifying and de-cluttering. i have a major clutterbug problem. and a packrat problem. i’m trying to release myself of these things. i need to also better utilize all my storage cabinet (and throw some shyt away! for real!)

i will be back to IKEA very very soon…that’s for sure!!!

Lunch with Melissa

In Apartment Cooking, How to be a Princess on August 30, 2007 at 11:00 am

this past weekend i had lunch with my friend Melissa…FINALLY! it had been since February since we last saw each other–our friendship is mostly an online thing…she lives south i live north, but we decided to meet up! and i FINALLY got pix up of the meal. of course, us foodies…no pix of us, just the food. geezus. lol.

before i get into the meal, i must say…Melissa is an AMAZING woman people, damn amazing. she is a tiny bit older than me which was refreshing because most of my friends are younger. she has been thru a lot, and has come out on the other side to talk about it! her wisdom and knowledge can come across in a self-professed serious and intense way, but she was quite receptive to my random silliness, and sometimes flightiness, and continuous A.D.D.-ness. which i appreciate. i learned a lot about her, which i never knew…and learned i have a lot i can relate to her on, more than i would have imagined. she helped reaffirm that the choices i made were absolutely the right ones. i sent her off that day feeling very, very good about life, love, and friendship 🙂

so onto the bomb ass lunch i threw together for the two of us.

i call this menu…

Melissa’s Lunch at Lana’s Bistro

Salad with Balsamic Mushrooms, Tomatoes, and Roasted Red Bell Peppers w/ Gorgonzola

Herb Roasted Potatoes and Asparagus

Black Truffle Scallops w/ Shallots

Pear Parfait

almost hit the bitch

In me! me! me! on August 29, 2007 at 10:06 am

so i was pulling out of the Coffee Bean parking lot this morning on Wilshire/SanVicente, takin a swig of my bottled water (Americano is too hot to drink right away), had “Money Don’t Matter Tonight” by Prince bumpin, checked my mirrors and turned around to check blindspots, then reversed.

then out of no where was this woman like freaking out cuz i guess i almost hit her or something. i’m thinking i didn’t see her cuz she was so skinny. she’s wearing a black business dress, with her blond hair swept up in a stuffy business chignon, and looks like she definitely forgot to remove the stick from her ass this morning. or maybe she was just rattled from nearly getting hit, as she walked away with her palms spread at her sides like she was utterly disguisted by the situation.

then i switched my music, to the next shuffle iPod song, which was Prodigy “Smack My Bitch Up” haha!! and those who know me, know my music is played LOUD!! i was happy with the offensive nature of that song and knew it only pissed her off further so i left it for a bit.

of course, it woulda sucked if i woulda hit her…but after seeing her walk away i kinda revved a little more to give her a little scare.

had to do something to shake up my morning routine!

"all we do is care"

In How to be a Princess on August 28, 2007 at 4:15 pm

yesterday, i was told about a dialogue between a friend of a friend and their gf or now ex-gf.

the girl had said something like, “guys should do everything every single day to show a girl how much he cares”

and the guys said, “but all i do is care!”

and the person who told me this said he felt the same about the expectation and how it actually manifests in the relationship.

i thought this was interesting. and it reflected on something i have recently learned. it’s important to drop a certain type of expectation, especially in the way a guy shows you his love or how he cares. ok actually Dr. Phil helped me learn this.

he said that you need to measure how a guy feels about you by measuring it in their own currency. not that you should drop everything you want to feel loved…but he is recommending this as the best way to actually notice it and not overlook what your man is doing. i think it’s legit.

for example, if you want to flowers all the time to be shown you care, but ur man just doesn’t naturally do the flower thing…you will probably end up disappointed. and the theory is that instead of wishing you had this and that, to look at HIS passions and his priorities and see where you fit into them.

if his most high priced currency is his time, does he schedule you in? if it’s music, does he include you somehow? if not…you may want to think about other ways he is making you happy. but that was an eye-opener for me.

but getting back to the point, “all we do is care”…it’s important to pay attention to the little things and see how you fit into his life, rather than coutning presents. now if you don’t get any of that, get out!

how to pimp out a simple afredo pasta dish

In Apartment Cooking on August 28, 2007 at 4:00 pm

the simple dish would be some angel hair pasta, half-heartedly prepared or pre-prepared and frozen shrimp, and store bought alfredo sauce.

so we start with:
. 8oz angel hair
. 1can alfredo sauce
. lots of shrimp

then, we pimp it out:
. 2 cloves garlic
. 2 handfuls sliced mushrooms
. 1tbs butter
. salt and pepper
. cyan pepper added to spicy preference
. a handful of fresh chopped tomatoes (cherry or whatever you have on hand, even canned is ok)
. a few pinches of a fresh herb (i had oregeno on hand, thyme or basil would work too)
. 3 tbs grated parmesan cheese
. juice of half a lemon

1. start cooking pasta
2. over medium heat, sautee garlic and mushrooms in butter until soften. push around the sides of the pan
3. then add shrimp to the middle of the pan, then season all with salt, pepper, and cyan pepper, toss shrimp after a few minutes
4. when shrimp in nearly cooked (almost curled up, but still more curling to do), add alfredo sauce and toss with mushrooms, garlic and shrimp
5. add the tomatoes, herbs, and parmesan cheese
6. drain pasta, then add to sauce and toss with fresh lemon juice

YUMM!! this turns out to be a very worthy pasta dish.

soon i will be making my girl NatNat’s Blackened Chicken Alfredo. and i will also need to make up my own recipe, a Chipotle Alfredo Pasta. Alfredo is a big hit for my main dinner partner 🙂 i keep my portion sizes in check like a good girl tho!

superbad, the movie

In me! me! me! on August 28, 2007 at 3:33 pm

i saw this movie with my gurl Kate!!! Miss Fashionably Kate! her blog is HERE, she rocks. kate has beautiful fiery red hair that is wild like mine and works in the industry for Stampede Management and the MURS camp and actually recently went on a publicity tour with him, which also handles Snoop’s marketing. she used to be an URB intern! my how she’s grown…


anyhow, i liked this movie. moreso i liked going to the movie with kate. and i liked the theater a lot. Vista over at Sunset Junction…so oldskool classy!

but i have to say, “Knocked Up” by this same crew was much better. maybe it’s because i can better relate to relationships that i can being a nerdy guy wishing i could have sex. see “American Pie” worked because it had both of those…plus the guys weren’t quite as nerdy. however, Vago aka McLovin is SOOOO FREAKING FUNNY!!!! okay maybe the movie is funny.

you should see both!

update: leaving your man behind and moving to UK to work

In beauty and the biz, How to be a Princess on August 28, 2007 at 3:14 pm

so if you recall my previous post about my friend who moved to the UK for work and left her loving boyfriend behind in America to follow her passion…then realized she was a bit lonely and more lost without him that she thought she’d be…

well if not the post is here: Previous Post

so get this!

her bf…flew to the UK to visit her and is there now. they went out to dinner one night and…he proposed!!! so now they are engaged! this career-focused girly was shocked with happiness and is learning that marriage doesn’t need to mean the downfall of your own individuality. we discussed over the phone that it’s up to the couple to determine how their own unique relationship will be and what works for them. the entire situation is inspiring and i think i’ve never been so happy to hear of an engagement than this one from my UK-megan 🙂

love is beauitful!

tummy woes

In me! me! me! on August 24, 2007 at 12:00 pm

something that i ate over the weekend, or on monday, or on tuesday has given me some major…bathroom troubles.

it’s pretty miserables, but not enough to keep me home from work or ruin my mood.

i’ve decided i’m fasting today in an attempt to get whatever this is out of my system (maybe the raw egg that was in the cupcake batter i had a lick of?). so far so good…but i will probably need to eat dinner…or eat something this afternoon hehe. i’m definitely feeling pretty crappy considering i’ve had such great nutritional breakfasts and lunches in the past.

anyway…probably more info than anyone would want to hear. but whatever…we’ve all been there.


it's the little things…

In How to be a Princess on August 22, 2007 at 11:41 pm

everytime i came home from school on my first day, my mom would have fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookies and milk waiting for me.

every single damn year since i was basically 6 and in kindergarten.

even senior year, when i didn’t want to even come home after school.

even when she was working, i believe she would take off for this occassion.

that is so special!! it’s unbelievable really…those little things just showed me how much i meant to her, how special something like my first day of a new grade was to her, something else to be excited about in life, and to share the indulgence of cookies and milk together (the woman can BAKE!)

that smell and the taste will forever remind me of that. definitely a tradition i will carry on 🙂