It might be a lot like yours (or not at all)


In Apartment Cooking on August 7, 2007 at 2:20 pm

i would LOVE some recommendations for recipes, meal ideas, menu ideas…etc etc. anything. i particularly like cooking ethnic and comfort foods.

  1. oh lordy. look what I found today:

    NOT healthy LOL. comfort food for sure. and she has a cool sense of humor. look at her best lasagna ever, twice baked potatoes and marlboro man’s sandwich. they’re some of her featured ones on each side of the page, so easy to find. can’t wait to read more of her “man pleasers” category. 😛 what I like even more is that she doesn’t feel that she has to use expensive ingredients, she sticks to plain and simple a lot of the time, and I adore her for that.

  2. gonna check this out tonight! thanks girl!

  3. i love that site! i will probably need to post a separate blog about it 🙂

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