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driving, make it stop!

In How to be a Princess on August 14, 2007 at 9:08 pm

driving from LA to SD to LA to SB to LA in less that 24hrs was one of the most exhausting things i’ve done in awhile. luckily i had a great time in both locations.

it was relaxing to see my old school…the campus, the changes, the smell of eucelyptus trees, the old oceanside apartment, the amazing Freebirds burrito. hadn’t been back there in four years since graduation in 2003!

here is an arial shot of my old college, UC-Santa Barbara…freshman year, i remember having to walk from the dorms on the right side, arrrrouuuund the lagoon and to Isla Vista to party. the later i lived in one of those oceanside spots for a year with 8 other friends, it was crazy 🙂

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