It might be a lot like yours (or not at all)

not ideal

In beauty and the biz, me! me! me! on August 14, 2007 at 2:06 pm

it is so sad to me when this happens. when i’m too busy to write. or too distracted. i haven’t wrote in my journal for days. i definitely need to take some time out to reconnect with this blog and my own thought in my journal.

i get in this zone when i’m just kinda floating thru life, definitely taking advantage of opportunities that come my way, but i start feeling like this wind-up-doll, just going thru the motions and expectations of life.

creativity is such an important outlet for that reason. i need to stop–tonight–and take a few moments to see where i’m at, pay attention to the world, and write about it. i haven’t even cooked since…ughhh i can’t even remember. not good.

so i will be back!

  1. yes, stop tonight and write something…your thoughts of the day of your own life or your views of how others are living theirs that either inspire you or beguile you. You have a wonderfully creative blog, an outlet for your feelings, motivations, confessions, denials, exclamations, self indulgences, views, opinions and on and on…

    you let yourself be heard to those who want to listen to you and to let it be known back to you that you are important to us and we care to listen to you

  2. Or do you mean write in your own private journal… ok, do that as well.. I always have had trouble keeping a journal going once I would start it. I find it much more important to have people hear what I have to say instead of voicing words only I will read.. I would always want people to read my thoughts and let me know what they thought about my thoughts… like I need an audience.

    Having said that tho, you and I are different in that I think that there are inner workings inside your psyche that you keep to yourself, but that you also want to put down on paper, or screen. In a way that can help you work through issues that only you can resolve or express thoughts that you want for only you to see…

    Or maybe I am full of mud and that is not why you keep a private journal at all ….te he… maybe after you live a famous life and pass on your private journals will be published and the mysterious mindset of the Urban Princess will be revealed to her public at last..

    I think I need to sleep…

  3. haha…

    let me clarify.

    i was referring to the need to write in both, and that i have not written in either.

    and yes…you are quite right, there are many things i write in a private journal. most of my life i have really enjoyed writing only for self-expression to myself only. and i still do.

    however, i love writing for others as well. i like writing in this blog because i don’t have to edit much. and i like writing in article/review style because i do have to edit and it becomes a puzzle.

    happy to hear your thoughts about writing, now get to writing those darn children’s books already will ya! i want to have an entire collection by the time i have any kiddies! haha.

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