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would u leave ur man back home to go live in the UK for a year?

In beauty and the biz, How to be a Princess on August 14, 2007 at 8:42 pm

i’m not quite sure how i would answer that, a lot of various factors that would help me choose that answer. as much as i would like to sound super independent and say i would, i can’t really see myself doing that. i like my alone time, i enjoy my loner moments…but i don’t think i have that much of a drive to live in a foreign country alone.

my best friend from back home, megan, does however. megan has moved to London indefinitely to follow her dreams, work internationally in the International Business & Marketing industry. when she originally made the plans, her bf was going to come with her out there…but then he couldn’t find a job, so he stayed back in the U.S. megan still went on with her move. she misses him so much, but is sticking it out.

the whole ordeal raised eyebrows amongst friends who themselves, could never imagine leaving behind a man you love to run off and follow your dreams…why does she not just stay home and get married? but for megan, i think she demands the satisfaction of knowing she persued something she always wanted to…and when the right man fits into her lifestyle (she hopes it’s this guy), she will be all the more happy with herself and her life having done that.

this has been so inspirational for me. so many wonderful girlfriends i have feel very complete with the addition of the love of a man to their lives. and i don’t dispute that it is a beauitful thing to have. but i once felt like there was something missing from my life, and i don’t think any man could have filled that whole. it was the persuit of what i know in my heart i need to go after business-wise. so this is a public thank you to megan for inspiring me, and i hope your story will inspire others who feel they need a little bit more than a good man to complete them.

DISCLAIMER: i know that everyone has different goals in their lives, and needs for true happiness. i’m not dissing anyone who doesn’t have these crazy career related needs, but for those women who do…this piece was about support and inspiration.

  1. interesting…. going to England that is. I might be going there soon… maybe…not leaving anyone behind tho… quite the opposite… going to meet someone…perhaps, but not sure yet…

    As for Megan, leaving your home as well as your man is a huge step. For some the love of their significant other is the dream that they pursue. Some would say that a career is just a career, but love is forever. Of course one could twist that a bit and say that if love is there and will last forever it will still be there after you have completed your dream and have come back to the one you love.

    Sound familiar!!

    Good luck to Megan tho. For whatever her thoughts and motivations. This is a huge life event. Moving to another country for however long a time. Even tho it is England it is still a different culture in many ways than America.

  2. I could totally do that and would probably really love it. steve would be the one who would not handle it as well.

    good luck to megan! it’s just a personal opinion, but I think she made the right choice – and if this guy is the ONE, then he will be there when she returns.

  3. and let me clarify–this is my bff megan from back home in Green Bay who was previously living in Chicago 🙂

    but yes–i think it’s the right choice too. if you HAVE a career goal that requires dedicating crazy amounts of time, energy, or reloacation to…i think it’s important to find a way to add it into our lives, in some way.

    i think self-happiness is more “forever” than love, actually. i think careers and love can come and go…but fulfilling your own goals and happiness will always effect you. i think you can do with out the dream career or the dream love, but doing without personal happiness is a sad thing. and everyone finds that personal happiness through different things.

    some people would never be happy leaving their loved one and moving for a career, they would never in a million years consider that option a pleasureable one.

    it really is about balance. making something work for you, while still satifying your other needs. ie: location, money, love, etc. idealy i would follow my career goal, while not sacrificing love.

  4. you’re right in that it’s really about what’s right for you. and I absolutely make no judgments about what anyone else’s choices would be.

    I just hold the attitude, as I have mentioned to you before, that the self-happiness you mention transcends all of that. because you never know what life holds for you and you are all you have in the end.

    I love my husband so much. and we have fought through a lot to be as deliriously in love as we still are now. but I also know, because it has happened to me before, that you can lose someone in an instant. he could be gone tomorrow for all I know. and because there is a part of me that always keeps that in mind (and I do NOT find that depressing, but rather the opposite), I find that balance easier to achieve now. it’s not that I don’t still give that love my ALL because I absolutely do. but I focus much more now on fulfilling my own desires and dreams, even ones he may not share with me. because though he gives me so much, I am the one primarily responsible for nurturing my own soul.

    I think I wanted to say even more, but I’ll just end right there. 🙂

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