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how to escape…

In How to be a Princess on August 16, 2007 at 9:00 am

here are the different ways i escape, relax, refresh, gain control, focus. when days get too hectic, and i feel life is just whizzing by, i know it’s time for me to do one of these things. i try to do as many as possible frequently to prevent that feeling. i need to do these things when i feel out of control, too busy, or just out of it…and those things happen often.

i don’t often hear guys talking about these things. i’m not sure if it’s because guys brains don’t work as advanced as ours…haha, just kidding. i’m not sure if it’s because guys don’t react to these stresses the same as women, or they cope differently, or maybe they do things but don’t talk about WHY they are stressed and HOW they cope as often for fear of coming across as a softy yogi type (i like that guys rarely talk about that stuff, actually…it balances me out)


1. exercise: i have realized that while most people watch the tv screens as they work out, i pretty much just stair right in front of me at the blinking lights on the treadmill and zone out. i’ve got music playing and my mind is either focused on that, focused on a thought (a single thought), or it turns off and just rides out the rush from exercising.

2. writing: letting loose on either this online blog or my handwritten journal tends to accomplish the same thing in this respect. currently, my mind is focused on writing about why i need to write, and nothing else.

3. cooking: i really am a madwoman in the kitchen, totally focused on ONLY the food, what i can do differently, what i will do next, where my timing is at, the chop of the onion, the smell of the garlic, the cleaning of my work area. totally let go in the kitchen.

4. meditating: this is my extreme measure and it works everytime. i have my own methods…spriritual and inspiring music, one candle, dark room. i sit there and let all the thoughts race thru my mind. i then find a certain thought or thoughts dominating the others and i isolate them. then i move into breathing and focus it around the thought…or if i don’t have a thought i do it generally. i breath positive energy in through my nose and breath negative energy out through my mouth. i do this for about 7-20min and feel amazing after.

5. baths: i haven’t taken one all summer, can’t wait for winter for this reason…but i don’t need to describe this, we all know how wonderful baths are.

6. music: live dj’s or bands, losing yourself in the music. losing myself in my iPod. they both work. electronic music works best for me, for this purpose.


1. watching tv: i have to admit, after some long, hard days…all i want to do is zone out to some shitty reality tv. this is not healthy for a billion reasons.

2. drinking & drugs: these are great ways to escape the world, except they are unhealthy. and they are temporary solutions. and usually things are worse when you come back to reality. and if you are so escaped that you never return to reality…well…you need some help. if you are in an extreme situation where you need a little escape, i recommend our friend maryjane over anything else.

3. sleeping: if you are seriously exhausted, sleep. if its bedtime, sleep. if it’s midday on a sunday afternoon and you want to take a snooze for about an hour, sleep. if you woke up early on a saturday and realize you can sleep in and want to catch a few more hours, sleep. if you are bored and unhappy, and using sleep as your escape…you need to talk to someone about your depression. and my heart goes out to you.

finding hobbies, passions, and interests are the key to healthy escapes.

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