It might be a lot like yours (or not at all)


In Apartment Cooking, beauty and the biz on August 21, 2007 at 9:29 am

there comes a time in life, when you need to bring something for people you see often.

my gramma gave me cupcake mix and i made them. they turned out wonderfully, for once. they are chocolate chip muffins with strawberry frosting.

i ate two last night and decided i need to get rid of them. i contemplated giving them to my coffee bean crew…cuz they are the bomb. buuut…i think they are surrounded by sweet pastries all day so it’s not the best idea. then i thought about the security peeps at the flynt building where i work, they are actually all black men…i’m sure they’d like something like that. i might do it actually.

see the thing is i only have 10. that’s enuf to bring to work, but not enuf for everyone including interns. but i may do that.

point is, bringing stuff into work is cool. the question is…who will appreciate them most. who needs the cupcake love the most. my guess is the security guys. the work crew is great, but bringing something to them is predictable and i feel like suprising myself with what i do here. plus i’m going to be bringing a treat for the work crew soon.

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