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In beauty and the biz on August 22, 2007 at 1:29 pm

okay so last night, i went to this secret society of young professional women in the that are working independentaly or as part of companies…all within various creative industries.

i wrote a little bio about what i’m doing and was really happy to be accepted into this group, altho it just seems natural given my various business situations.

this was a very inspiring and beautiful evening, let me tell you. all these women are completely movin and shakin. they are confident, strong, gorgeous, friendly. and most importantly they are interested in forming a community between us. which is so great, because i feel like as women–it is really hard to find a group that really fosters that feeling of “we’re all in this together”. often times, women get bitchy and it’s annoying to deal with…or competitive. or just plain stupid.

we are all essentially fighting against the same thing–making it in a man’s world (that is slowly becoming a women’s world, with groups like this and others)…fighting for the same thing…living out our dreams and passions, breaking the mold and figuring out balance in our own way.

the most inpsiring part was the speech by the well-known Shepard Fairy’s (Obey) wife, who is a wonderful person worth noting and speaking to our group for several reasons:
1) she worked side by side with Shepard for years on his design studio and their galleries. i can say from first person, that maintaining a healthy, balanced relationship while working together is not easy. i commend her for staying happy and still achieving this
2) she is co-owner of the amazingSwindle Mag (wow!!!)
3) she has broken off and is starting her own design studio after having worked from home for two years
4) she worked from home for two years because she has a 2yr old girl, and is expecting this winter!! (she’s 30!)
5) she advises studying similar business models to learn how to make your own work
6) above all, she feels her willingness to jump in where needed, and then perform incredibly, is what has really made her what she is today
7) so basically–she runs a business, has her creative business, maintains a marriage, and is raising a family…HELL YES! this is what i want, so it’s nice to see it working 🙂

i was a little nervous about the whole “talking to strangers” thing…but once i started on my way and stayed focused and confident, it was easy. you kinda just gotta do it. that is what i’ve learned over the years…when you’re nervous and uneasy about something you KNOW damn well you NEED to do–you just gotta stop thinking and start doing.

  1. Hey Urban Princess…came across this, and saw you’re in a similar field. I’m an editorial asst. at a shelter magazine in DC, and also a dedicated Domino reader! You should check out, it’s a website for young and hip magazine editors, and they regularly do happy hours and social events like the one you’re describing, as well as job listings and stuff. For all I know, the one you went to was an Ed event, but thought I’d pass it along in the spirit of magazine sisterhood. Good luck!

  2. totally relevant and cute!!! do you use that site? i’m going to share it with the internship program i manage at our magazine–AWESOME!

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