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almost hit the bitch

In me! me! me! on August 29, 2007 at 10:06 am

so i was pulling out of the Coffee Bean parking lot this morning on Wilshire/SanVicente, takin a swig of my bottled water (Americano is too hot to drink right away), had “Money Don’t Matter Tonight” by Prince bumpin, checked my mirrors and turned around to check blindspots, then reversed.

then out of no where was this woman like freaking out cuz i guess i almost hit her or something. i’m thinking i didn’t see her cuz she was so skinny. she’s wearing a black business dress, with her blond hair swept up in a stuffy business chignon, and looks like she definitely forgot to remove the stick from her ass this morning. or maybe she was just rattled from nearly getting hit, as she walked away with her palms spread at her sides like she was utterly disguisted by the situation.

then i switched my music, to the next shuffle iPod song, which was Prodigy “Smack My Bitch Up” haha!! and those who know me, know my music is played LOUD!! i was happy with the offensive nature of that song and knew it only pissed her off further so i left it for a bit.

of course, it woulda sucked if i woulda hit her…but after seeing her walk away i kinda revved a little more to give her a little scare.

had to do something to shake up my morning routine!

  1. amck my bitch up hahahaha PRICELESS!!

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