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GRR :(

In me! me! me! on August 30, 2007 at 12:03 pm

so this morning, i will admit…i was flustered. i STILL haven’t been feeling well (better so far today tho!) and was coerced into making a DR appointment, and further convinced after reading some WebMD on my “condition”.

and you know how that goes, you start reading, then you think you have the WORST of all possible diagnosis that apply to how you feel. truth be told, i got an encyclopedia set when i was a pre-teen, and it also had an Atlas and a Med Book. well my mom literally HID the Medical Book from me because i kept getting all worried thinking i had this or that. thank god she did that because being a hypocondriach for real doesn’t seem like any fun. so now i just have a mild case that only comes up when something really is wrong and i start exploring WebMD, and at least am self-aware.

so in addition to that. i’m tired man! TI-ERD. i’m still goin…but i’m gettin old man. i’m just gonna plunge thru. if Angelina Jolie can do it, so can i. i remember back in the day, i could party like i did that wedding day night after night after night after night after night after night after night after night after night after night after night and so on. okay maybe that is part of the problem now haha. take notes youngins! hehe.

anyway. so i’m getting ready, i’m annoyed cuz i’m unsure of what to eat…i needed to mix it up from a sandwich just to throw off my tummy troubles. i was gonna have soup. then i realized it wasn’t the easy microwavable kind and it didn’t have a pop top and i couldn’t find a proper bowl within a 2-second hunt, so i ditched that plan.

so piled on top of this. it’s hot as HELL in my apt. like so so so so so so so hot. i mean it’s hot period in L.A., this is the hot time when summer is almost over, yet it’s hotter than it’s been all summer. so i’m basically sweating on my way out to my car and just annoyed…but trying to be positive.

apparently my coping mechanism for all this was turning off my brain, in an attempt to think positively. or think of nothing. so i backed out of my parking spot and into the spot i back into when the car is not there in order to pull out easier, without an 8-point turn. i have this down to a science, the perfect angle, perfect gas and break, perfect physics.

well not today. i SCRAPED the side above my back tire on the pole in the carport. and i almost was in disbelief like, i can’t really be touching that. UGH. so i continued on my way and then checked it out…totally a scratch. pretty surface tho…no dent.

i started the touch-up process immedietely, this morning, in the parking garage of my work. i’m optomistic, and really happy there is no dent. it’s alreayd looking much better. after a few more coats it will be like new. not new. but like new.

after all this, i have surcummed to positive thinking in attempt to bring on the positive law of attraction. my day WILL get better. everything WILL be okay. my car WILL still look super cute and my scrape will be unnoticable soon. gotta stay strong.

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