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Lunch with Melissa

In Apartment Cooking, How to be a Princess on August 30, 2007 at 11:00 am

this past weekend i had lunch with my friend Melissa…FINALLY! it had been since February since we last saw each other–our friendship is mostly an online thing…she lives south i live north, but we decided to meet up! and i FINALLY got pix up of the meal. of course, us foodies…no pix of us, just the food. geezus. lol.

before i get into the meal, i must say…Melissa is an AMAZING woman people, damn amazing. she is a tiny bit older than me which was refreshing because most of my friends are younger. she has been thru a lot, and has come out on the other side to talk about it! her wisdom and knowledge can come across in a self-professed serious and intense way, but she was quite receptive to my random silliness, and sometimes flightiness, and continuous A.D.D.-ness. which i appreciate. i learned a lot about her, which i never knew…and learned i have a lot i can relate to her on, more than i would have imagined. she helped reaffirm that the choices i made were absolutely the right ones. i sent her off that day feeling very, very good about life, love, and friendship 🙂

so onto the bomb ass lunch i threw together for the two of us.

i call this menu…

Melissa’s Lunch at Lana’s Bistro

Salad with Balsamic Mushrooms, Tomatoes, and Roasted Red Bell Peppers w/ Gorgonzola

Herb Roasted Potatoes and Asparagus

Black Truffle Scallops w/ Shallots

Pear Parfait

  1. Aww I’m so glad that you guys became friends! I am also very jealous that I live so far from you and don’t ever get to see you. I really need to get up to LA. I miss you, kiddo. ❤

  2. thank you SO much!! you made me blush really hard. 🙂 I loved having lunch with you and can’t wait until you can come do it at my place.

    I am definitely self-professed in my seriousness and intensity, but don’t think anything of your silliness or flightiness or whatever you want to call it – I am like that BIG TIME – but like I told you, because I grew up in an “opposite” home where everything was so serious and analytical, I do things the other way around. instead of being funny and silly in the beginning, I only get comfortable like that later. it’s a scary thing for me, which is so funny to most people. 😉

    lunch was WONDERFUL and so delicious – I really do look forward to trying to make you something just as great. we are moving in the next 4 weeks!! so I will have all new appliances to work with yay! and a gas stove BIG YAY! can’t wait to see you again, you incredible woman. ~tons of love~

  3. oh and I forgot –

    “of course, us foodies…no pix of us, just the food. geezus. lol.”

    hahahahahaha totally! I thought on my way up there oh we need to take a picture me and her because I don’t have one, but completely forget in the presence of food pics LOL. 😉

  4. i look forward to the next one too…and we need an extended girly lunch in the near future as well!

  5. […] i made my cali bistro specialty i had created for the first time for Melissa (you can view that HERE). basically everything was perfect, including the Scallops with Shallot […]

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