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What I hate about (most) underground hip hop

In This Music Makes Me... on September 29, 2007 at 1:31 pm

1. the crowd is usually too stoned to be hype, this bored me ::chappelle being prince voice::

2. i cannot stand preachy mc’s. i dislike hearing the words revolution, universal (further points deducted for adding the phrase “you and i” because those are the first three letters), anything about cosmic

3. mc’s who say that what THEY are doing up there right now, THAT is real hip hop. this is stupid. and arrogant. hip hop is a culture that i feel is comprised of multiple facets, all which are based on and mirror reality or express our reality or our dreams (even when those dreams are 36″s and piles of cocaine yes that’s some people’s reality) so who is anyone to say what’s real and what not. the music is bigger than that moment and certainly bigger than them. again–i dislike mc’s saying they are real hip hop.

4. wack beats. if your rappin is wack, at least get some hot beats to distract the audience. it seems like there is this certain formula for the wack underground hip hop beat, and i’m unsure why people keep using the formula.

other than that, i respect what people are doing…it’s a struggle sometimes for me personally. i come from a land of being out laughing and dancing with strong, energetic vibes. not mellow, stoned, lets change the world but are too stoned to move from this chair at the bar. to each their own tho. different strokes for what ever floats their boat. i love heated mc battles tho…now that’s energy.

my korean market

In How to be a Princess, me! me! me! on September 29, 2007 at 1:14 pm

the korean market down the street, like walking distance, is the shyt! it’s a large market with a large produce section.

the produce section has great prices on all kinds of produce, stuff i didn’t even know existed. you know how asians like to use green onions and scallions in their cooking? well this place has SIX varieties of the vegetable. amazing!

then the meat section…the best thing about asian markets is their meat is prepared so that it’s totally ready for use. the cuts are great, they are often sliced thin and cut into strips or cubes, or just great larger whole cuts.

the fish omg. it’s like straight off the boat–a fish monger clearly just brings stuff directly there. i now have to cook whole fish, just because they have them there…tons of varieties of whole fish and fresh shrimp with the heads still on. then of course–all the grade A sushi cuts, MM!

the asian candy is an exciting aisle, because the packaging is so cute and fun. and the tastes are all a little different but really good.

they’ve got a great fresh/packaged foods section, and several little mini-restaurants where people order food to go or sit and eat.

not only was the experience fun, but i will be back–that produce and meat cannot be beat! my two favorite grocery shopping loves: korean market with green awning, and the grove’s farmers market. mmm. (whole foods is great too, i just don’t go there often.

urban princess vs. dreamworks inc

In How to be a Princess on September 28, 2007 at 3:28 pm

one year ago on Sept 20th, i got the back corner of my cute red scion smooshed and crunched by this huge Dreamworks production equipment moving van. it was quite the dramatic scene and he spat water at me from his water bottle and thru my sunroof. there was lots of swearing. lots of traffic. it all took place a red light, so we had an audience.

anyway, it was totally his fault…the idiot. yet he was claiming i cut him off, which isn’t even physically possibly given the physics behind the brutality. basically–had i cut him off, the assault to my car would have taken place on the left hand side, not the right hand side. i have a full step-by-step diagram of what happened, which i submitted to my insurance claim adjuster.

so a year later, after all kinds of steps and passing me off to various departments, this case went to arbitration…and i won! in addition to my $1100 check i got for repairs, i get another now for $1000 for my deductible.

how did i pull that off, you ask?

well…i have a $1000 deductible on my auto repairs. and they told me to get a quote from a collision place they approve of. so i did. and they quoted $2100.00, and submitted that to the insurance company. and they started processing that payment so that i’d get the initial $1100…then the $1000 if i was proven not liable for the accident.

so then i went to another place to get a quote, and the quote was around $1000…but the money was already coming to me. and there was no future interaction with that insurance place and the collision place that quoted. so i got the repair, paid them out. won the arbitration, and now i have my $1000 deductible comin my way!

yeee haw! stickin it to the man!

MORALS: diagrams are good, keep pressing the claim adjusters or they will just ignore your claim, try to claim more than you will actually need to spend to re-coup.

my neighbor is Brett Favre's cousin

In me! me! me! on September 28, 2007 at 2:40 pm

well, actually…he’s the Property Manager at my apt complex, who lives a few doors down from me. his name is Jeff. Jeff Favre. jokingly, i think it may have been my mom or NF who asked him if he was related to Brett for the AWESOME Green Bay Packers. and he said yes, it’s his cousin. cool huh!


picking out my hair – how i win the battle

In me! me! me! on September 28, 2007 at 7:55 am

my hair is curly, pretty tight curls, with a very very thick head of hair that is past my chin. the hair individually are quite fine tho, which i like…i got that from my momma.

when i was little it was a battle to pick out my hair. and i inevitably have to have my hair picked out unless i want to grow dreads, or one big flattened nap (i say that cuz when i was little, my hair was a fro).

i HATED when i had to pick my hair out, my mom would do it. she would sit on the chair in the living room and i would sit on the floor, tv on, tears and wining in FULL affect! man that hurt so bad.

and today, i have to pick my longer hair out every few weeks or so, which really only takes about 15minutes tops, but i totally procrastinate it. to think that when i was little, my hair was shorter, so it couldn’t have even taken that long…but the pain was excruciating on my little sensitive scalp for what seemed like hours.

the secret weapon to make the pain easier and the process quicker? Frizz-Ease Hair Serum. it’s magic.

Fashionably Kate, if you don’t already use this, I highly recommend it (you have hair kinda like me hehe)

having a bf you are actually in love with

In How to be a Princess on September 28, 2007 at 7:48 am

i always thought that when i was in a relationship but was really independent, in the sense that i spent a lot of time away from my man, that it meant i was somehow better or more independent than other weakling females. sorry but i did.

i couldn’t understand why couples had to be together 24/7 and why girls went underground once they gotta man.

now, i do think some girls are really clingy and probably would behave in this way with any man that wanted them.  but as you can probably see from this post, i’m not one of them.

so believe me, i was surprised when i found myself so into my man that i had to really make effort to make time with friends. and i don’t really even wanna go out without him. it’s crazy, so different! but then again, i feel so different, and the relationship is so different…so i now understand why this occurs.

but i am happy i was able to discern the difference between when it’s real and when it’s not. i still feel like some girls (which i did for quite some time, so i’m not hatin), i feel like some girls really don’t know that what they have is not real, or how much better it can be. it’s a learning experience…and perhaps your *self* isn’t ready yet for the real thing so that’s why you’re stuck with that asshole. i just hope the ladies of the world wise up before they tie the knot and never get a chance to see how great love can be and feel.

the way i stopped biting my nails

In How to be a Princess, me! me! me! on September 27, 2007 at 11:29 pm

i had bit my nails since i had teeth. but a few years ago, i stopped cold turkey, finally. here’s how:

1. i got fake nails cuz i was sick of the stubbiness

2. i saw how fab they looked all the time

3. i got annoyed by the upkeep, including time and cost

4. i didn’t like how obviously fake they looked

5. i stopped wearing fake nails

6. my nails were weak and shitty and all i wanted was long pretty nails, or at least healthy

7. i had to let them get their health back, thicken up, and grow–which i certainly couldn’t do by biting them

8. soon my nails were longer and stronger and i loved them

9. i never bit them again because i don’t want to deal with the upkeep, yet i want nice nails.

so simple! (btw my nails are nothing special, but they aren’t stubby)

my best kept secrets: obsessive filing, lotion, buffing

Living in an apt in L.A.

In me! me! me! on September 27, 2007 at 8:45 am

it’s so funny when i have people over who aren’t used to living or being in an apt in l.a.

i’ve become so used to the excess noise pollution that i don’t even really notice anymore, and actually kinda like it! everything is so jam packed here, the walls are thin in the cheaper buildings (like mine, tho i love my apt!).

here is what i daily:

– loud engines growling

– spanish music blaring

– baby screaming

– kids playing

– ally cats meowing

– sirens squeeling

– the spanish language

that’s pretty much it. like right now it’s: engine, spanish music, and baby. and it’s loud as hell, and i don’t even mind. my mom still can’t get over it! hehe.

i love living in the city!!

California is cool and all…but…

In me! me! me! on September 27, 2007 at 8:37 am

i MISS autumn/fall so damn much! you may have noticed in my myspace bulletins i keep posting fall leaves. well i miss it! i’m from the midwest, GreenBay, WI to be exact (GO PACKERS!) and i am used to full seasons changing. when i first moved to Santa Barbara, CA for college at UCSB it was a ruff adjustment. given, i could do without the winters and never want them again, but i do miss autumn SO MUCH! for those of you who haven’t lived in Cali, it’s pretty much the same every day throughout the year–warm and sunny with clear blue skies, and it rains a bit in the winter. it’s incredible and i love it! (but i still miss autumn!).

here’s some pix i took in the Fall a few years ago in the suburb of Chicago, Arlington Heights, which is right next to the suburb i was born in and lived for in until i was 5 yrs old, called Waukegan. look how lovely!

dinner party entertaining difficulty…

In Apartment Cooking, Party Planning / Entertaining on September 26, 2007 at 7:29 pm

okay so i really love to entertain, but i have little experience entertaining a dinner party…i can do parties with the best of em! but with dinner parties, i’m still learning.

this past weekend i prepared dinner for my mom, aunt, gramma, and NF. i realize this is only five people…but it seemed like more. i was calm and relaxed, just noticed where i need to improve.

one thing is, we all went shopping at the Farmer’s Market together, so i had to prepare everything from start to finish with my guests there, def not ideal. and i know that. but there was no choice, since that was the plan.

another thing is, it was a lot to do this and socialize unless the people were in the kitchen. which they did kinda rotate in and out, but my kitchen isn’t too large (not bad tho) and i certainly don’t have an island, or even a peninsula for them to sit at and watch/talk. NF didn’t arrive till later, and luckily he was out in the living room at that point entertaining guests with his war stories…okay his friends war stories (totally amazing story if you’re interested….read it here, it was also on 20/20).

and what i noticed i wasn’t don’t most…was brought to my attention because my mom was doing it. she is a wonderful hostess! i’ve always noticed that. she has company over with such ease and a sense of humor, while attending graciously to their needs, and making sure everyone is comfortable. i truly think this is where i learned how to have people in my space and make sure they are comfortable (after-parties don’t count, forgive me haha).

so my mom had her eye on people wine glasses and water glasses, as did my aunt. this is something i just was not doing. until the end when i could finally come out. everyone volunteered to help out in the kitchen and i mostly shewed everyone away except my mom, cuz she was my little helper haha. and my aunt really helped by reminding me that potatoes need to be in a single layer when chopped and being roasted.

so then i got everything ready to go, set up a little buffet on my kitchen table. and let everyone dig in while i was on the phone and internet handling last minute guest list needs for the parties URB was sponsoring that night. but i could hear comments of satisfaction, which is always a good sign.

then i got my plate, everything turned out sooooo good! i made my cali bistro specialty i had created for the first time for Melissa (you can view that HERE). basically everything was perfect, including the Scallops with Shallot Butter.

so the lesson learned here is to keep doing what i did well (perfect meals and timing, and a laid back and fun entertaining personality)…and to eliminate for next time what i did not (not paying attention to people’s drinks, start prepping well before guests arrive, which i know).

all in all, it was a great experience…can’t wait till next time! i love making good memories with food 🙂 i def need more practice/victims, so if i know you and you’re local…look out for invites!