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being a well-mannered "adult" party-guest in 2007

In beauty and the biz, How to be a Princess on September 4, 2007 at 1:52 pm

as we grow up, it’s important to remember that there are certain things mature adults and young adults do. call it etiquette or protocol or manners…but people really do pay attention to these things. some people think someone is rude if a person doesn’t do this. others won’t notice, but they will be very pleased if you go above and beyond. either way by doing them or not, you are leaving an impression of yourself.

no longer are “house parties” a situation where you go trash someone’s apartment, don’t even know the host, drink all their liquor without contributing, gossip with your clique, and then mob out to another party. its time to grow up (if you are at this age…if not, keep partyin like it’s 1999).

here are some important tips to remember pre/post/during hanging with friends at their homes:

1. if you are going to a party, text/call your friend to see if you need to grab anything on the way
2. when u get there, offer to help in some way if you can
3. mingle with guests…that’s what you’re there for
4. bringing flowers or another gift to a housewarming party is thoughtful
5. don’t come too early, or stay too late
6. don’t be on your cell texting the entire time
7. have fun, but don’t get wasted like ur 19 again…unless everyone else is
8. if you spill, clean it up, or tell the host…don’t just hide it, that’s so “college house party” of you.
9. pick up after yourself
10. saying good-bye and thanking the host and saying “it was nice to meet you” to 20 people is always nice, but i’m the queen of the slip-out, sometimes its just better.
11. send a thank-you card to your host, or even a thank you email, myspace comment, text, call…something!

i wrote this because i have learned, through observation of others at parties, observations of others being rude, and thru the actions of good friends that these things really are important. and to solidify that, i have read a few articles lately, interviewing famous or popular hosts of cocktail and dinner parties in their homes. when asked how they handle a rude, impolite, or picky guest…they all say–they don’t invite them back!

so mind your manners so you don’t miss out on all the fun 🙂

good luck functioning as an adult!

  1. oh how true, how true. I have been really let down by some folks, god knows. steve’s party was this weekend though (yeah, two weeks late he he) and I was very pleased with the guests and their consideration. for once, 100 percent home run. whew.

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