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little asian kid

In me! me! me! on September 12, 2007 at 9:37 pm

so i stopped by Subway after the gym on the way home tonight.

i was in line, waiting. (i hate waiting.)

and this Asian lady was kinda waiting near the line, but not in it, so i did the polite thing and asked her if she was in line. we went back and forth a bit, but she didn’t speak english…luckily i was able to determine she was not in line but with her husband who was in line.

well the husband was standing next to their child, this cute little glasses-faced Asian boy. he basically started staring at me, and then faded back to his mother, while continuing to stair. then i looked over (with my mean, “you’re annoying me” look that i give sometimes) and sure enough, the little kid was pointing at me. then he’s talking to his mother and they are like pointing at their face–they are obviously discussing my piercings or something. then dad joins in and they are all pointing at me and to their face talking in a language i cannot understand.

i just rolled my eyes and continued to wait.


super rude if that was in English and didn’t result in some sort of compliment, or question other than “did that hurt?”

but clearly the kid had never seen a lip piercing before, so i’m glad i could show him his first time.

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