It might be a lot like yours (or not at all)

a lil crazier than most

In me! me! me! on September 15, 2007 at 2:20 pm

today, saturday, i woke up at 8am and handle some stuff online. then went back to sleep for my 11am nap, as usual.

well i didn’t exactly sleep for a good hour and a half, buti could tell i really needed the sleep so i laid there drifting in and out.

okay then something crazy happened. basically, there was this one time where i dreamt i was pee-ing on a toilet, but yet…i hadn’t exactly got out of bed. that was embarrassing because it was in a sleeping bag at an ex-boyfriend’s house.

so this was similar.

i had a dream that i was driving right into the car in front of me and i couldn’t stop, breaks didn’t work, and it was kinda in slo-mo. and sure enough i smashed right into the car. and it was so real it sucked! then all the sudden my body spun around on a horizontal plane and i saw/felt myself spin from the scene of the accident and then for miles (pretty quickly) and i finally spun into my apartment and back into my bed so i was laying exactly where i was actually laying.


  1. this was a very cool dream tale. I have always been a very vivid dreamer and remember mine nearly every night. I can also lucid dream. sometimes I dream prophetically. I love my dream life. 😉

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