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dinner party entertaining difficulty…

In Apartment Cooking, Party Planning / Entertaining on September 26, 2007 at 7:29 pm

okay so i really love to entertain, but i have little experience entertaining a dinner party…i can do parties with the best of em! but with dinner parties, i’m still learning.

this past weekend i prepared dinner for my mom, aunt, gramma, and NF. i realize this is only five people…but it seemed like more. i was calm and relaxed, just noticed where i need to improve.

one thing is, we all went shopping at the Farmer’s Market together, so i had to prepare everything from start to finish with my guests there, def not ideal. and i know that. but there was no choice, since that was the plan.

another thing is, it was a lot to do this and socialize unless the people were in the kitchen. which they did kinda rotate in and out, but my kitchen isn’t too large (not bad tho) and i certainly don’t have an island, or even a peninsula for them to sit at and watch/talk. NF didn’t arrive till later, and luckily he was out in the living room at that point entertaining guests with his war stories…okay his friends war stories (totally amazing story if you’re interested….read it here, it was also on 20/20).

and what i noticed i wasn’t don’t most…was brought to my attention because my mom was doing it. she is a wonderful hostess! i’ve always noticed that. she has company over with such ease and a sense of humor, while attending graciously to their needs, and making sure everyone is comfortable. i truly think this is where i learned how to have people in my space and make sure they are comfortable (after-parties don’t count, forgive me haha).

so my mom had her eye on people wine glasses and water glasses, as did my aunt. this is something i just was not doing. until the end when i could finally come out. everyone volunteered to help out in the kitchen and i mostly shewed everyone away except my mom, cuz she was my little helper haha. and my aunt really helped by reminding me that potatoes need to be in a single layer when chopped and being roasted.

so then i got everything ready to go, set up a little buffet on my kitchen table. and let everyone dig in while i was on the phone and internet handling last minute guest list needs for the parties URB was sponsoring that night. but i could hear comments of satisfaction, which is always a good sign.

then i got my plate, everything turned out sooooo good! i made my cali bistro specialty i had created for the first time for Melissa (you can view that HERE). basically everything was perfect, including the Scallops with Shallot Butter.

so the lesson learned here is to keep doing what i did well (perfect meals and timing, and a laid back and fun entertaining personality)…and to eliminate for next time what i did not (not paying attention to people’s drinks, start prepping well before guests arrive, which i know).

all in all, it was a great experience…can’t wait till next time! i love making good memories with food ๐Ÿ™‚ i def need more practice/victims, so if i know you and you’re local…look out for invites!

  1. You go girl!! I’m so proud of you!…And remember, prepping your food always takes an extra load off so you can get right down too it!! XO!!

  2. i know! going shopping at the farmers market was part of my day–but never doing that again! lol, next time prep prep prep!

  3. you made the same thing?? ๐Ÿ˜€ that was so gooood. I could have eaten all afternoon.

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