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No Exception Policy

In beauty and the biz, How to be a Princess, Shape Up...or Ship Out! on September 26, 2007 at 7:10 pm

taken from the wonderful book i’m currently reading called The Power of Focus, the No Exceptions Policy states that you should determine which things in your life and lifestyle fall under this policy.

they are things that will be done or followed through with NO MATTER WHAT! once you realize what these things are and commit to them, things in your life start to line up and you have a better understanding of where your priorities lie.

falling under my No Exception Policy is (in no particular order):

a. exercise (a new realization)

b. running a catering business in the near future

c. writing

d. love

once i realized this everything made more sense. going to school full time and working full time doesn’t allow me to keep up with most of those commitments. sacrifice is one thing, and i support sacrifice, but when i’m sacrificing what i have said are parts of my No Exceptions Policy, then i’m really not any better off.

so i’m happy to have uncovered my part-time school option…it serves my purpose while allowing my No Exceptions Policy to be in tact.

i recommend determining what falls under your No Exception Policy…it really helps to guide and focus you and the decisions you are faced with. (and i highly recommend reading this book!)

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