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California is cool and all…but…

In me! me! me! on September 27, 2007 at 8:37 am

i MISS autumn/fall so damn much! you may have noticed in my myspace bulletins i keep posting fall leaves. well i miss it! i’m from the midwest, GreenBay, WI to be exact (GO PACKERS!) and i am used to full seasons changing. when i first moved to Santa Barbara, CA for college at UCSB it was a ruff adjustment. given, i could do without the winters and never want them again, but i do miss autumn SO MUCH! for those of you who haven’t lived in Cali, it’s pretty much the same every day throughout the year–warm and sunny with clear blue skies, and it rains a bit in the winter. it’s incredible and i love it! (but i still miss autumn!).

here’s some pix i took in the Fall a few years ago in the suburb of Chicago, Arlington Heights, which is right next to the suburb i was born in and lived for in until i was 5 yrs old, called Waukegan. look how lovely!

  1. AH! u just made my heart hurt a little! i miss fall SO MUCH!

  2. awwwww, don’t you miss it! the colors and the smell and just that warm fuzziness of that combined with pumpkins and scarves…mmm. and when it rains on the fallen leave? ahhh yes. when i’m rich, i must have a home where there’s seasons. just so i can drop by now and then.

  3. personally, i think fall is overrated..but that is just me 🙂

  4. i think you just don’t like nature period LOL

  5. It is Fall here in Illinois. Or as the intellectuals call it; Autumn…. In many of the past years of your life, Lana, Autumn was a time of not only rejoicing in the colors of the leaves and Holloween (a day which should be made a national holiday) but also a time of unlimited shopping for the new school year. I love Autumn because of the colors and the cooling of the temps and of wonderful Holloween, but also because of the many memories of spending a day or two with you shopping for your Fall and Winter outfits and all those little trinket kinds of things that you insisted should go with them..

    Lana, come home come home come home or how about a nice three day visit to the Autumn of your youth…

    Boy. am I playing the nostalga card or what..

    ps The Cubs are in the playoffs!!!yeah Yeah YEAH!!!

  6. I am still nostalgic for new hampshire for the beauty, for the seasons. I feel ya.

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