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urban princess vs. dreamworks inc

In How to be a Princess on September 28, 2007 at 3:28 pm

one year ago on Sept 20th, i got the back corner of my cute red scion smooshed and crunched by this huge Dreamworks production equipment moving van. it was quite the dramatic scene and he spat water at me from his water bottle and thru my sunroof. there was lots of swearing. lots of traffic. it all took place a red light, so we had an audience.

anyway, it was totally his fault…the idiot. yet he was claiming i cut him off, which isn’t even physically possibly given the physics behind the brutality. basically–had i cut him off, the assault to my car would have taken place on the left hand side, not the right hand side. i have a full step-by-step diagram of what happened, which i submitted to my insurance claim adjuster.

so a year later, after all kinds of steps and passing me off to various departments, this case went to arbitration…and i won! in addition to my $1100 check i got for repairs, i get another now for $1000 for my deductible.

how did i pull that off, you ask?

well…i have a $1000 deductible on my auto repairs. and they told me to get a quote from a collision place they approve of. so i did. and they quoted $2100.00, and submitted that to the insurance company. and they started processing that payment so that i’d get the initial $1100…then the $1000 if i was proven not liable for the accident.

so then i went to another place to get a quote, and the quote was around $1000…but the money was already coming to me. and there was no future interaction with that insurance place and the collision place that quoted. so i got the repair, paid them out. won the arbitration, and now i have my $1000 deductible comin my way!

yeee haw! stickin it to the man!

MORALS: diagrams are good, keep pressing the claim adjusters or they will just ignore your claim, try to claim more than you will actually need to spend to re-coup.

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