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my korean market

In How to be a Princess, me! me! me! on September 29, 2007 at 1:14 pm

the korean market down the street, like walking distance, is the shyt! it’s a large market with a large produce section.

the produce section has great prices on all kinds of produce, stuff i didn’t even know existed. you know how asians like to use green onions and scallions in their cooking? well this place has SIX varieties of the vegetable. amazing!

then the meat section…the best thing about asian markets is their meat is prepared so that it’s totally ready for use. the cuts are great, they are often sliced thin and cut into strips or cubes, or just great larger whole cuts.

the fish omg. it’s like straight off the boat–a fish monger clearly just brings stuff directly there. i now have to cook whole fish, just because they have them there…tons of varieties of whole fish and fresh shrimp with the heads still on. then of course–all the grade A sushi cuts, MM!

the asian candy is an exciting aisle, because the packaging is so cute and fun. and the tastes are all a little different but really good.

they’ve got a great fresh/packaged foods section, and several little mini-restaurants where people order food to go or sit and eat.

not only was the experience fun, but i will be back–that produce and meat cannot be beat! my two favorite grocery shopping loves: korean market with green awning, and the grove’s farmers market. mmm. (whole foods is great too, i just don’t go there often.

  1. there’s a whole foods that just opened at “the districts” here in tustin – they say it’s as big as a costco, can you believe it??

    going to a korean market would be cool. I would love to buy the meats and fish though. now that I have a grill pan, I’m hoping to cook fish for myself a lot more. I’d love to hear what cuts and methods of cooking you use for each. fish is my weakest cooking point but one of my favorite things to eat. go figure. 🙂

    do you know how to roll your own sushi?

  2. omg i WANT a grill pan SO BAD! i have an iron skillet type thing, but it’s not really a grill pan so i rarely use it. for fish i like fish broiled and baked mostly. i need to get on my fish game…expect some recipes to pop up lol. my favs are tuna, talapia, salmon, and of course…catfish, must be fried tho.

    and yes yes…i do know how to roll my own sushi. that will be happening soon! and i will feature something on that for sure.

  3. my best friend from child/teenagehood in texas, she doesn’t “get” the sushi thing at all BUT she was cool enough to give me a sushi book for my birthday and a rolling mat. yay!

    and yes, we will have to share fish recipes, for sure. I do look forward to using the grill pan cause I think that would help a lot.

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