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What I hate about (most) underground hip hop

In This Music Makes Me... on September 29, 2007 at 1:31 pm

1. the crowd is usually too stoned to be hype, this bored me ::chappelle being prince voice::

2. i cannot stand preachy mc’s. i dislike hearing the words revolution, universal (further points deducted for adding the phrase “you and i” because those are the first three letters), anything about cosmic

3. mc’s who say that what THEY are doing up there right now, THAT is real hip hop. this is stupid. and arrogant. hip hop is a culture that i feel is comprised of multiple facets, all which are based on and mirror reality or express our reality or our dreams (even when those dreams are 36″s and piles of cocaine yes that’s some people’s reality) so who is anyone to say what’s real and what not. the music is bigger than that moment and certainly bigger than them. again–i dislike mc’s saying they are real hip hop.

4. wack beats. if your rappin is wack, at least get some hot beats to distract the audience. it seems like there is this certain formula for the wack underground hip hop beat, and i’m unsure why people keep using the formula.

other than that, i respect what people are doing…it’s a struggle sometimes for me personally. i come from a land of being out laughing and dancing with strong, energetic vibes. not mellow, stoned, lets change the world but are too stoned to move from this chair at the bar. to each their own tho. different strokes for what ever floats their boat. i love heated mc battles tho…now that’s energy.

  1. I have nothing to disagree with here – I second all your points!

  2. whenever i’m at a good hip-hop show, i’m in the front dancing…no matter how many bowlies have been hit 🙂

  3. …the operative word being GOOD!

  4. heheheheh….yeah i think that is the operative word, but i don’t understand how so much bad is allowed on stage? hahah.

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