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the best bread

In Apartment Cooking on October 3, 2007 at 1:11 pm

whole foods whole wheat bread is the most glorious thing ever. it’s dense and squishy and moist–MM!

i was talking about this with my Aunt when she was visiting from the east coast. i MISS that thick dense squishy bread baked out in the midwest (where we are all from). they would bake THE most delicious loaves of sandwich bread that was really in a class of it’s own.

ya just don’t find bread like that anywhere else. maybe that’s what keeps us midwesterners nice and thick! ha!

  1. mmmm bread. I’ve taken a liking to panera since one opened right next to my house. I’m buying loaves from them now instead of the grocery store. good stuff. I normally don’t favor sourdough, but theirs is awesome.

  2. yes, we still have the nice sqwishy bread here in the midwest that you oh so loved..

    come home Lana come home Lana come home Lana

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