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yaz birth control…the first 3 months

In me! me! me! on October 4, 2007 at 8:54 am

okay…i’ve been on yaz now for three months and just went in to have a follow-up visit with my doctor where she prescribed me a prescription.

here is a description of what occurred for me on this pill, the negatives:

month 1 – spotting the entire month, mildly annoying

month 2 – way more break-outs than i am used to, i was very upset about this…very. no more spotting.

month 3 – first two month side-effects disappeared, generally more cramping…including throughout the month, otherwise normal!

the positive – so far i really like this pill. the main reason i switched is that my moods in the first two weeks prior to getting my period were ridiculously unbearable.

one month, my previous pill…the famed OrthoTriCyclene Low kept me home from work one day just because i was “depressed” (i don’t have depression problems normally). then the month after that, i was in this uncontrollably horrible mood. i nearly ruined a relationship i had recently started and it took me weeks regain his trust that i’m not a psycho bitch.

i knew i had to make some kind of change to the hormones i was taking in each month. the doctor said that this is because Ortho’s strength changes throughout the cycle, as indicated by the changing color of the pills in the pack. so to increase hormones, the doctor said i can either a) take another kind of pill non-stop, b) wear a hormone patch for two weeks on my Ortho pill, c) look into mood-drugs which is the least desired option, d) switch to Yaz.

i’m happy i did! good luck with it, if you’re considering switching, especially for the reasons i had…i def recommend it…and my face has cleared up back to normal!

  1. I’m going to try Yaz. I had the same experience with ortho-tri cyclen. I called it “ortho-tri psycho”. LOL.

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