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i got a Blackberry instead…

In teckie on October 16, 2007 at 4:50 pm

okay for everyone who has come here in search of more info about the Sidekick LX…and read my post about it. i have finally come to a conclusion. i got the Blackberry Curve and i love it. given, i feel like an 78yr old gramma tryna figure this thing out after using Sidekicks for two years…but i’ll get there (very) soon.

my decision was based on three four things:

1) i hate my Sidekick, and don’t even want to deal with another model (i’ve had the 2 and the 3)

2) i wanted one NOW without waiting for about a week till the Sidekick LX comes out

3) i feel the Blackberry is a device that is more suited for my professional womanhood. i’m not 22 anymore…time to have a device that doesn’t look like a Gameboy reflects that.

4) it’s gold!!! super cute.

here she is:

  1. It should be called a ‘Goldberry”

    I am envious of you, the map feature alone is enough to want this. Throw in broadband, bluetooth, aim, yahoo and icq…what more can you want?!?!

    i won’t steal it, but i may bite ur!

  2. it kicks ass…now i just need to read that manual, bleh!

  3. I don’t see MY pic on there!!!!

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