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Apartment Cooking – Highlights from the past…

In Apartment Cooking on October 25, 2007 at 2:28 pm

these pictures were all taken with my previous camera, which isn’t as good as my current camera, which is NO WHERE near as good as most of you taking pix of your plates and posting them online. still…bare with me, i wanted to share some of my most notable, memorable meals from past cooking (dating back 3yrs ago), and why…


Spicy Tuna Rolls, Philly Rolls, and Yellow Tail Rolls

w/ Spicy Beef Salad and Miso Soup

(Winter 2005)

This is my second attempt at rolling my own sushi. I experimented, successfully with my local Asian Market and really captured what I love most about eating Sushi…a variety of rolls, spice, new flavors, loving preparation. It took me hours to prepare and roll everything. My ex was beyond impressed, it rekindled things…for the moment.


Steak & Andouille Sausage Jambalaya

(Winter 2005)

The first time I made Jambalaya I totally nailed it…the second time, I got impatient with the temerature and wasn’t able to fully cook my rice, which sucked. The pictured dish, however, was amazing…so spicy and hearty. I think it’s time to try Jambalya again…best 2 outta 3!


Cheryl’s Ground Beef Enchiladas

(Winter 2006)

These are my favorite enchiladas of all time. I could go anywhere, including Mexico, and still prefer Cheryl’s. They are not healthy…and they’re not tryna be…they are just GOOD! Cheryl is the mother of my ex…she would make these for some holidays instead of the traditional ham or turkey dishes. After devouring these time and time again (over the course of 6yrs!), I finally asked her to teach me, and I watched her step by step, putting love into each and every enchilada.


Seared Albacore Tuna Steak with Caramelized Sweet Potatoes

and Sauteed Garlic Mushrooms & Broccoli Rabe

(Fall 2004)

This marks the first dish I truly experimented with. Might seem basic, but this was my first creation made from my own head to my hands to my mouth…minus someone else’s recipe for ideas, methodology, nothing. I just listened, smelled, watched, and tasted to get everything right. It worked, and created a monster! (me)





  1. yes! I remember these pics! 😉 I was especially impressed with the sushi. I gotta roll my own one of these days.

    you know, I had no idea you hadn’t made your own, completely your own, thing with no recipe until 3 years ago. what I mean is, you seem so natural at it and so well versed in… well, food… I guess I just found that surprising. that’s my new goal. to make one meal a week with no recipe. *nervous* I’m going to try to start next week.

  2. well my dearest…yes only 3yrs ago. i really don’t see this “natural” thing, but it’s funny you say that because when i cooked dinner for my fam a few weeks back, my aunt was in the kitchen with me and was completely shocked at how “natural” i was in the kitchen while i prepared everything. just odd to hear…cuz it’s natural for me i guess hehe.

    the first dish i ever prepared was even a very intuitive experience for me…i made Citrus BBQ Chicken over Rice. first time dealing with raw meat of any kind, first time cutting it, cooking it, anything. but everything was surprisingly easy and fun. it was simple to add 1 cup bbq sauce and 1 cup orange marmalade to the chicken and simmer. it was delicious and i realized, delicious food is simple. so i guess that’s how i’ve thought from there on out!

    girl your dishes are looking great! have you SEEN some of these other people’s omg. Closet Cooking is one of my favs…so creative and innovative and the presentation is killer.

  3. yes, you really said that perfectly. delicious food is simple. I remember the first “real” thing I made – chicken tortilla soup. nothing with canned ingredients. it took me a few hours. but once I had done it, and it was soooo gooood, it was like a lightbulb went off.

    I like closet cooking, it’s good stuff. unfortunately it’s going to take some time for me to try to make anything nearly like that for one reason – undeveloped palate. not that *I* mind my OWN undeveloped palate – I will eat/try virtually anything, but steve’s is even more that way than mine, and I need to ease him into trying a whole lot of new things. we’ll get there.

  4. ahhhh yes that makes sense. my palate gets bored so easily! while i will often happily perfect comfort food staples…adventure is really what gets me psyched about thinking of new menus and preparing them. then trying them and like them.

    i bet steve will get there once he starts realizing that most things taste really good even if it’s something he’s never heard of, and using some obscure ingredients….he will learn to trust you and the food, in that way!

  5. lisa has told me that as well, and I think that’s true. I just need to start working those new things in. what a kid he is LOL.

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