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Planning a Halloween Party

In Party Planning / Entertaining on October 27, 2007 at 9:45 am

This post will rise to the top of my post-list each time I update it. You will be taken along the ride of planning a party, something I love doing. LOVE IT! So as I move forward, you will see how it’s done. Because I live in an apt…a studio apt (lol)…the party cannot be huge. but ‘not huge’ doesn’t by any means mean ‘not fun’. i plan on having full decor, great food, great drinks, costumes on everyone, and lots of laughs and pics! Most everyone knows I can be a wild-child and place a high importance on having fun…so that’s what they should expect on the night of Oct 27th!

1) set date – i hit up a few of my friends who MUST be there to be sure they can save the date. this is because of a few reasons. one is that my apt is tiny, so my invite-list is tiny…therefore, i want to make sure the people i truly want to be there, are there. the response was good…so Saturday, Oct 27th it is as long as one specific group can confirm. the other reason is because they are great party guests and i want to have fun, so i want them there.

2) pick a theme or vibe – this is definitely going to be something halloweenish. possibly the “devil’s lair”…hmm…yes, i like that. i definitely like a dark and morbid theme. the devil’s lair would be fun cuz everything would be red. and red is sexy. or i may to “go to hell” and have two separate rooms–one black and one red. hmm. i will have to think of decor, but i like having two rooms with two distinct colors. and i love the theme. but at the same time, i don’t really like the kind of light black lights give off (not flattering). i will have to think about this. i think it will def be “go to hell” and then i can figure out decor later. it’s a catchy name for a party.

3) create invite – i dislike evite so i don’t use it. had NF create a flier and i love it!!! check it out:

4) envision decoration contest, purchase accessories – i definitely already have a vision in my head of what i want my apt to turn into. the colors on the flyer accurately depict that. i don’t want to give away TOO many details in case people who are coming read this and won’t be surprised. but basically…i will decorate the living room, kitchen, hallway and bathroom, and the outside door. i like my decor to be more consistent and edgy than super cheesy and “too much”. i will be sure to take pix the Saturday of the party, before the party-goers come

5) Create menu for munchies and specialty cocktail – of course, this is my fav part. It’s completely planned out, now i’m making my grocery shopping list and heading to my fav stores for delicious, fresh, ingredients. will be cooking all day, i’m sure.

6) Cleaning and decorating – last night i cleaned my entire apt, put away random clutter (hidden in the closet, wish it could stay there), and then decorated, i love the way at looks! pix to come in the next few days. i may slip a note under the doors of my neighbors telling them to call me if we’re being too loud.

7) Entertaining – i’m excited to have people over, i like to drink and get wild so that’s the kinds party people should expect. i enjoy this part immensely; talking to everyone and mingling. my last parties included more single guys and single girls…this time theres more couples and single girls…but i don’t know any single guys anymore haha! oh well. time to get busy!

Wrap Up –  all in all, i had a great time and i think everyone else did too. there were people outside and around in the back and my neighbors or property manager didn’t say a word, so that was great!

The Menu –  silly me, didn’t take any pix of the beautiful spread of food! darnit! the menu included: Thai Guacamole (really good), my Roasted Red Bell Pepper & French Onion Dip (the hit of the party), and then i decided to order Eggrolls from Favorite Thai delivery/take-out of all-time (TG Express) because that was easiest and i ran out of time to make the Asian Meatballs i intended too. i also bought Little Debbie Strawberry Shortcake Rolls, and cut them into bitesize pieces…another “i ran out of time”move that worked quite well and i’d probably do it again.

now this is the part that saddens me. i planned to make California Rolls, which i’ve done before, super easy. but since i wanted to make a large quantity, about 40-60 pieces…i decided to follow this recipe for a cookbook i have that took the same roll but it was made as “sushi for a crowd”, where you lay out an entire baking sheet of of nori, rice, avocado/crab/cucumber, more nori, rice, and more nori. all is fine and dandy…till you try to cut it. and of course, that’s what i was doing last minute before my guests arrived. and guess what? that damn thing didn’t cut well at all. tasted great, but i just couldn’t bring myself to put it out. not with so much perfection already on the table. i was highly disturbed and shook up, especially since this was a main part of my feast. still, that party must go on…i went in…put on my wig and greeted my friends with a smile and LOTS of drinks. everyone enjoyed the food, can’t wait till next time!

photos of the decor will come shortly.

  1. I saw your bulletin with the flyer and was going to tell you I liked it – I thought YOU made it. go NF! nice job!

  2. you should come if you possibly can! (yeah he’s the bomb)

  3. so sorry about the rolls. 😦 glad everything else worked out alright though and I bet it was a blast.

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