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Lanaberry versus Poultry Seasoning

In Apartment Cooking on October 29, 2007 at 3:09 pm

Turkey Burger w/ Cheese and Gilled Onions

i will tell ya something…this is only my second time making a burger. my first attempt was these mini-cheese burgers which i call Baja Baby Burgers, a la White Castle…which were good. but had a little too much of something. that something is Poultry Seasoning. it pretty much ruined my cute little burgers.

so i got back in the saddle, this time with a turkey burger. i threw together a mouthwatering concoction of spices, meat, egg, and Parmesan…and then i felt something staring at me…you know when you just have that sense? well i looked at my spice rack…and sure enough, it was that Poultry Seasoning. it said to me…”Lana…you’re working with Poultry…why don’t you add me?”

previously, i had never even used Poultry Seasoning, and i never have a problem seasoning on my own, without a recipe. but ever since i bought that little McCormick’s, i just insist on trying it every time i work with ground turkey! so i put a little in. then i thought, ehhh i should probably add more.

so i did and cooked em up…and to my horror that nasty Poultry Seasoning flavor made it’s way thru as the dominate taste of any seasonings. i just despise that flavor and smell. i’m not using this anymore, i can season just fine without a pre-mixed combo thankyouverymuch.

still, the burger was quite good otherwise…NF didn’t even taste any problem with it and devoured them. and i still really enjoyed mine. other than that hint of the poultry seasoning, yeck!

lanaberry = 0

poultry seasoning = 2

game over!

  1. “and sure enough, it was that Poultry Seasoning. it said to me…”Lana…you’re working with Poultry…why don’t you add me?””


    oh and also – coincidence is bizarre and amusing. check out my new post from today. it involves throwing away a disgusting combo mix that ruined my dinner last night. hahahaha!!!

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