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Poor Girl's Pasta

In Apartment Cooking on November 12, 2007 at 4:40 pm

Poor Girl’s Parmesan Pasta

so after throwing way too much money in to my “advance my cooking skills” pot, i found myself broke, thanks to additional circumstanced. but hey, at least the DMV got paid, right?

it was one of those nights when i can’t even afford a combo at McDonald’s. i find this kind of poverty (momentary poverty) kind of comforting in a way. it’s humbling.

however, going hungry isn’t an option. at the same time, i don’t really stock and horde much too work with as far as food in the pantry or fridge. i realized i did have the means to make some pasta…which i will call Poor Girl’s Parmesan Pasta. it was satisfying and completely flavorful…and filling thanks to all those carbs!

here’s how you can make Poor Girl’s Parmesan Pasta when your pennies are pinched!

1) boils some pasta

2) sautee some garlic in butter

3) once pasta is drained, add butter and olive oil to the pasta…be sure noodles are well-coated

4) add sauteed garlic to pasta

5) salt and pepper the pasta…add any herbs or other ingredients you may have on hand to you liking

6) add generous amounts Parmesan cheese which you hopefully have in your fridge…if you’re a pasta/italian food lover, you always should!



  1. pasta like this is juuuust fine. πŸ™‚ oh yeah. I know what you mean about the money thing, though. been on both ends of that spectrum more than once. and it definitely always keeps ya grounded. πŸ˜‰

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