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Ravioli…two ways.

In Apartment Cooking on November 12, 2007 at 3:37 pm

 ya like that? you know how they always say that on Asian cuisine menus? “Fried Rice 2 ways” hehe. it’s cute, so i used it.

Ground Sirloin & Basil Ricotta Ravioli

Butternut Squash Ravioli 

alright, so i finally tried to make ravioli with the wonton wrapper. screw those stupid wonton wrappers!

the ravioli fillings i made were delicious. the butternut squash was made from a puree of fresh squash, with cinnamon, brown sugar, butter, cream, and salt added.  the meat and cheese filling was devine…sauteed mushrooms chopped and simmered in with my tomato sauce and ground sirloin, and the ricotta with fresh basil.

creating the actual raviolis with the wonton wrappers was simple. i’ve worked with them before when i made these Nutella and mascapone dessert eggrolls for a party. very easy to use.

but things went downhill when it came time to boil. perhaps my water was WAY too hot. basically, i started boiling my large pot when i started creating the raviolis, thinking thinks would culminate at the same time. not so. the raviolis took forever, and my water was boiling like a roaring jacuzzi jet stream.

i dropped the first batch in for a few minutes, as directed. took them out and they were mush. delicious mush, but still mush. the second batch went in, this time only for about 30-60seconds. they were less mushy, but still didn’t have the nice firm, supple shell that i love about ravioli.

we dined, they tasted good. but i was displeased. a costly meal that was far less than perfect. sometimes when i create my own things, it turns out great…sometimes it falls short of my vision. next time…it’s make-my-own-dough time. i’ll get it right!

with the leftover meat and ricotta filling, i ended up making baked manicotti the next night, man that was good!

if anyone has a suggestion about why my wonton raviolis were a total flop, please let me know. was it just that the water was too hot?

  1. hm. I would have been disappointed as well. don’t know what went wrong though.

    the fillings do look lovely. I’ve been so wanting you to post more food! 🙂

  2. oh it’s comin baby!!! i took some time off from the www but i’m back! gonna go check out your blog…i hear you’re happy with your latest mealio!

  3. Both of these ravioli fillings sound great!

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