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so i made the infamous Roasted Chicken and Fingerling Potato Meal…

In Apartment Cooking on November 17, 2007 at 11:38 am

 i say infamous because i first heard of this recipe from my friend on her lovely “Alosha’s Kitchen blog” where she posted about it here. but see, she got the inspiration to try out this dish from another beloved blogger, “Accidental Hedonist” who posted about it here. the veggie that accompanied this was sauteed fresh green beans.

the recipe is incredibly easy, and knowing that the chicken will be roasting for over an hour really promises a delightful outcome. i started out by prepping the chicken (i used separate drumsticks and thighs) by washing, patting dry, and rubbing with garlic i had just crushed. then i threw the garlic into the roasting pan with the chicken..that part excited me cuz roasted garlic is heaven.  next i sliced up the shallots, yellow onions, and pears and sprinkled them around the chicken in the pan. squeezed two very juicy lemons on top and studded the pan with the remaining lemon wedges. poured some OJ into the bottom of the pan, and shoved that pan into my 400-degree oven for an hour (then 30min at lower heat) and let the magic work. here’s what happened:

Citrus and Pear Roasted Chicken Quarters 

the beautiful coloring…it looks like an autumn tree with those reddish browns and golden yellows. the flavor of the sauce tasted of citrus with drippings from the roasted chicken. while trying to pick up the drumsticks, the meat was falling off the bone…now that is a roast people. so i plopped two pieces of chicken onto my plate, smothered them with the sauce and the slivered onion, shallot, and pear bits (an some roasted garlic cloves too)…added my sauteed green beans to the plate…and added my fingerling potatoes, which i basically just boiled…then did my half-smash, drizzled them with olive oil and showered them with kosher salt. my predecessors who created this dish before me were damn right about those fingerling potatoes. you don’t need to add anything else to them…they carry plenty of sweet, delicious flavor on their own.

Half-Smashed Fingerling Potatoes 

the plate heard many “mmmm’s” from myself and NF, we loved it…completely flavor packed, the potatoes were so good and that chicken was so moist. what i loved about the preparation of this meal was knowing who before me had done the same thing. that’s one thing i love about recipe sharing, is knowing who before me prepared this same thing…which gets lost with a cookbook, doesn’t seems as personal when it’s a cookbook offer compared to a friend or fellow blogger. the only thing it seems the three of us did differently is Accidental Hedonist roasted her potatoes, Alosha sauteed them, and i boiled mine. nice cooking with you ladies!

  1. OMG! 😀

    I can’t tell you how happy it makes me that you made this AND it turned out well (and I like what you did with your potatoes better than mine, I’m going to do that next time). I really, really enjoyed it so much and feel a sense of joy that I could help pass it on to you.

    it’s funny, I’ve seen for a little while that you have AH linked on your page, but I know that isn’t how I found the recipe. but like I said, I click around so much from food site to food site, I have no idea how I DID find it. glad though!

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