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My Turbulent Love Affair with Food!

In Apartment Cooking on November 21, 2007 at 11:27 am

Foods that I used to hate, that I now like:

  • onions, in any form
  • mushrooms, uncooked
  • meatloaf
  • salami, pastrami, summer sausage
  • eggs benedict
  • french dip sandwich
  • yams
  • cranberry sauce
  • egg nog
  • omelets (well…i only like the ones i make)

Foods that I never ate till I moved to Cali:

  • spicy food
  • mexican food  beyond soft tacos at Taco Bell
  • sushi
  • avocados
  • indian food
  • thai food
  • snobby cheese
  • hummus
  • falafel
  • artichoke hearts

Foods that I no longer enjoy:

  • chocolate ice cream (like it, but not the same…now chocolate malts…mm!)
  • mom’s chocolate chip pancakes
  • pumpkin pie (all about the sweet potato pie!)

Foods I’m just not sure about:

  • olives…i know i don’t really like them, but i always try them…and then i consistently don’t like them.

Foods I still don’t like:

  • raw onions! love green onions, hate raw onions!
  1. “Foods that I never ate till I moved to Cali:”

    that’s the list I identify with very, very much. and I am so grateful to be here for that reason (among others, of course). I actually have a “california and food” post started that I’ve needed to finish for a long time now.

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