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my new island!

In Apartment Cooking on January 5, 2008 at 5:04 pm

I got this AWESOME new island for Christmas!!! I cannot tell you how much I love this piece of kitchen furniture in my tiny studio apt…with an abnormally spacious kitchen. It has opened up three huge new storage drawers, a large extra counter space, and more functionality around my kitchen (it’s right across from the stove). This has taken the place of the table I previously had, but it is still a table, just bar height. On multiple occasions already it has served a place for friends and loved ones to hang while I prepare a meal, and a place of gathering even when I’m not preparing a meal! I love it!

For Christmas I also finally got a *real* chef’s knife…the expensive kind and omg. Now I can finally see how they chop like they do on the cooking shows! Helps to have a sharp ass knife! My new knife cost the same, if not more, than my Wolfgang Puck 4-piece set, and my 12-piece set. It’s German and I love her. Finally cooking again tonight!

Also, my boss got me such a sweet gift (sweet as in thoughtful). A massive gift certificate to Cook’s Library in Beverly Hills! It’s this cookbook bookstore that I’ve mentioned, I guess he picked up on it and I’m about to go there now to get some new material! Yay!

  1. I was curious to see how this would look and it’s awesome!!! congrats. having an island would rock, for the counter space alone.

    and congrats on your other gifts as well. the knife thing – I don’t have the BEST ones or anything, like wusthoff or henckel, but I got a pretty expensive calphalon set when I moved. first time I’ve ever had knives that sharp and the main thing I’ve noticed (I mean, besides that they work beautifully) is that when I cut onions now, I cry. LOL. I never did before in my whole life. so I know that’s because of the sharpness of the cut.

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