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Easy Baja Fish Tacos…NF's favorite!

In Apartment Cooking on January 14, 2008 at 5:23 pm

my man is easy to please. well–he will eat pretty much anything i make and love it 🙂 but this just proves it! one of his fav dishes is this preparation for my Baja Fish Tacos.

How To:

1) buy and heat in the oven fish sticks! you can get the normal cheapo kind, or the yummy halibut kind…beer battered, breaded, whateva! (of course you can be healthier and more advanced with grilled fish). but the crunchy kind is best.

2)  when the fish are done, place 2-4 on a tortilla (depending on size and preference) and pile the rest of the ingredients on top: coleslaw lettuce, cilantro, lime, and the baja sauce (mix together sour cream and chipotle sauce to desired spiciness).

MMM…Baja Fish Tacos, yummy, spicy, quick, easy, filling.

EasyBaja Fish Tacos 

  1. man, I have been wanting to make fish tacos at home for a long while now. don’t know why I haven’t cause they are one of my top favorite foods.

    oh and damn your man for being so easy. I wish steve was hahaha. working on it!!

  2. oh i love these! at first when we went to the ensenada fish market and saw them, the idea of eating a fish taco sounded weird but man, they’re great!

    check out for more images and articles

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