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family dinner with my friend and her kiddies!

In Apartment Cooking, beauty and the biz on January 14, 2008 at 5:45 pm

this past weekend, i had one of the most unique and wonderful Saturday nights i’ve had in awhile. i was invited to my friend’s home (note: not an apartment like every other single one of my friends, a home) to throw down in the kitchen with another one of her friends…tho the meal was nearly done by the time she arrived (she was great on clean-up duty tho).

we drank wine, laughed, and prepared the meal while we both took a stab at roasting our first whole chicken. neither of us had done it before! but beyond all of this, the best part was her kids! they are about 3/4 and 5, a girl and a boy respectively and they are just adorable. they are smart, well-behaved, and fun! my friend had to run out a few times, so it was just me and them and we got some good bonding time in, in between chicken basting.

after this delightful night with her family (well her hubby is in Africa on business right now), but this completely changed my views about children, and specifically how i interact with them. i’ve now realized that i CAN interact with children (previously i’d been a little intimidated in a weird way). but kids that are outgoing, fun, and talkative are just fabulous! it’s the shy ones that present more of a challenge. my reaction to that is to just leave them alone to do their own thing, not try to pry them out of their shell like i see so many people attempt to do. i can’t wait to go back…my friend is an inspiration while she balances this beautiful family with her successful design career!

here’s what we made for dinner 🙂 the kids seemed to like it. well. they like broccoli, but not salad. the girly likes potatoes, the boy doesn’t. they both liked the chicken. haha.

Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Garden Salad, and Broccoli 


Citrus Glazed Roasted Chicken 

  1. okay now i am really hungry!!! wow. you are truly amazing. we have to do a foodie tour of alhambra and monterey park soon and finish it with a foot massage at my friend’s spa (only $20 for over an hour!!!)

    lana, you are really amazing.


  2. I know what you mean about interacting with kids. I have been very up and down with that in my life. I’m glad you had a good experience that night. 🙂

    everything looks wonderful but even better that the night was filled with friendship and novelty. I have roasted a total of three chickens now. I actually made one last sunday that was a recipe of giada’s from FN. citrus and garlic roasted. I’ll post it soon!

  3. DUDE, it’s funny b/c Meli and I have talked about how we both have been awkward around kids most of our lives. But, I’m learning little by little, still intimidated a bit though (fear of rejection I guess =P). The food you have on your blog looks AMAZING. Melissa has been inspiring me to cook more so I’m going to get ideas from her and you too!

  4. I’d know that table cloth from anywhere…hehehe.

    I’m really enjoying this site you’ve created…. gonna have to chat soon!

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