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out with Nanny's…what rich folks need are Manny's!

In beauty and the biz, Urban Princess Dictionary on January 14, 2008 at 5:32 pm

i would go in to a long extensive essay on this thesis…and in fact, i most likely will elaborate on this for an article.

but this occurred to me the other day. it’s quite simple. we all know rich husbands and wives rely on their nanny’s to care for their kids day in and day out while they shop and go to the spa and whatnot. and of course, as i learned in the book Nanny Diaries, there are different degrees of being a Nanny. and what i’m referring to here are those that have 24/7 nannies.

without discounting the unique love that only a female can offer a child (better yet a mother lol), i will argue that the female nanny really isn’t what is needed. i think the family unit undergoes more trauma by lacking the father-figure who is off galavanting around the world on business trips and mistress trips. it results in boys who never learn how to be a man, and girls who never come to know the kind of unconditional love and support they should look for in a partner.

so out with the nannies…let’s get these rich, bratty kids equipped with their very own Manny! haha.

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